If anyone is interested

I’m gonna sell this. I’m blessed to have so much Hog stuff, but I’m not getting any younger, and I really want to travel, so some things have to go.

This chair is a retired Bud Walton bench seat. All of the players, coaches, and staff signed these chairs for our 15 year reunion in 2009. Please PM me if interested. Go Hogs!


I identify with you on your decision. I have a remaining closet and a storage locker full of items I am preparng for a pre-season sale. An item such as your chair probably needs ro be listed as widely as possible. I am sure you have plan to do so but do remember it is a buyer, not seller marketplace for many of our treasures. Good luck,


Good luck, Jeremy. You’ve probably got cooler memorabilia than most of us can fathom.

I’ve got a shadow box with a brick that I “borrowed” from the construction site when DWRRS was being expanded in 2001 (or so) along with all the home game ticket stubs from that year. I thought it was really cool and unique but, as redpig said, it was definitely a buyers’ market when I asked the members of this board how much it was worth.

That was a long, long time ago. Hope you have better luck.

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Pretty cool. Good luck

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I saw a basketball signed by 70s players. The owner thought it was a 94 championship ball. I told him no. What year did we win a championship where Scott Hastings, Brad Friess , Greg skulman, Eugene Nash , and joe Klein all play together? Leroy Sutton was another name I could read.

Thanks, guys. Ended up selling it to a producer on the “Before 94” documentary and made a really good contact. Really looking forward to participating in the final film. They interviewed Coach Richardson today and bought some of his boots.


Scott Hastings’ senior season was the year Joe Klein transferred and had to sit out. They did not play together.

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That was the 81-82 season.

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I, too, am releasing to highest bidder some of my Razorback memorabilia. Proceeds to fund a much needed vacation in Pine Bluff.

This is a 4-yr old, signed copy of the June 2018 HI. From a vast collection of cherished HI editions, I am going to let this one go to a new home. It even Includes an exclusive interview with future HS Defensive Coordinator John Chavis!

This “Hammer Down” edition would make an excellent stocking stuffer, bird cage liner, fly swatter, or campfire starter. Will be shipped in a 2019 brown paper bag (with eye holes) signed by Jeff Long.
This offer is for serious collectors only.


:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

How absorbent are the pages, asking for a friend. :rofl:

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