If Anyone is In Ruston This Weekend

Some good eating recommendations…Ponchatulas downtown has all kinds of good Cajun food and The Flying Tiger has great seafood poboys and burgers. Both places casual/laid back. Portico is on the north side off Farmerville highway and is a good place to watch the hoops game around their bar and outside patio area. Beu Vines is a nice steak house and little more upscale.

Cajun food sounds good. I think we will have Mexican night with the Texas Tamale Company pork tonight. If I could make cajun food, I’d do it. Because I love it.

My good friend Todd Butler is begging me to come to south Louisiana this summer for some fishing (red fish on the flats) and promises good cajun food. I am probably going to take him up on his offer. He’s in Lake Charles as senior associate AD.


You gotta go Clay! Todd is in redfish and Cajun food heaven! There’s a real rush when you hang a bull redfish and have the fight on your hands. Plus, the people down there are friendly, especially the fellow fishermen.

I’d go before it gets too hot. The next 2 months should be ideal fishing. Take your largest cooler and bring back fresh shrimp and oysters…I bet wherever Todd fishes there will be shrimp and oyster boats coming in. Buy em straight off the boat! Then get him or his wife to teach you how to cook your haul.

I can post a redfish recipe with crabmeat sauté if you land some. It’s the best I’ve ever eaten…given to me by a creole lady who worked for the fishing outfitter a few years ago. Yum

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I may be going to Lake Charles soon; we have a location there for my study. I think I may manage a bit of Cajun food while I’m there. Like every night.

Jeff, let me know if you go down there. I’ll give you restaurant recommendations, in case you’ve not been down there.

I’ve driven through on I-10 but didn’t stop to eat.

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