If anyone has a gripe

It would be Missouri! They have an RPI of 31 and Florida State has an RPI of 50 and TCU has a RPI of 59! I get it that this is Mike Martin last year so I understand that but TCU is a joke!

I don’t give a flip about Mike Martin. The results on the field should be the criteria.

Neither one of these teams should be in period! Missouri should have beat Florida at home in that last conference series! That’s their fault! I don’t agree with the ranking of the top 16 seeds at all! Tanner needs to retire from this additional duty and go play golf!

I thought Missouri should have gotten in, but I don’t have all the information the committee has. (Oh, I guess I have most of the same data, but I suspect it’s pretty hard selecting the last 2 in & the first 2 out.

I don’t want to call TCU a joke. They might have the last laugh on us.

Tanner said TCU has gotten healthy & played much better lately & that worked in their favor. It might mean they’re pretty tough right now. One could argue that recent games shouldn’t count more than earlier games, but apparently that was their rationale.

Two weeks ago Misery was safely in, probably a 2 seed. Then they got swept at home by the Wallets and lost the Tuesday game at Hoover. Finishing 13-17-1 in SEC play is not going to get you in, and that’s been reflected in the predictions this weekend, not to mention what the committee actually did.

TCU got to the Little Dozen final out of the losers’ bracket, forced Okie Lite into an extra game and won three of their last five including wins over tournament teams in Baylor and Okie Lite. Misery, uh, didn’t.

Two years ago AM was literally the last team in and they went to Omaha

RPI is nice, but you have to win games. TCU and Florida State both had more Q1 wins than Missouri. The Tigers won just 8 of 25 vs. Q1 opponents, and lost seven of their last eight games. You can’t do that and get into the tournament.

TCU went 11-13 against a much weaker conference, which is reflected in the RPI. Finished the season a full 28 spots behind Missouri (who also finished ahead of Baylor). In my opinion, games 1-3 in a conference should count just as significantly as the last 3.

I’m not certain Missouri did enough in the end to get in, but I certainly think they did more than TCU over the course of the season.

I don’t disagree with you, but Misery may not have even been the first one out. A lot of people thought BYU would be that last at-large. Which would have forced somebody to start a regional on Thursday I think, since BYU can’t/won’t play on Sunday. Possibly ours, if they plugged in the Cougars in place of the Frogs. Maybe they picked TCU so as not to have to schedule around the Mormons???

Missouri lost games 1-3, too, here in Arkansas. :smiley:

I remember writing about its terrible nonconference strength going into that series. That was always going to be a detriment to its postseason chances. Missouri played OK over the first half of the conference season, but was 6-10 vs. SEC teams after playing LSU in mid-April.

Am I crazy, or didn’t the NCAA baseball tourney have a number of regionals in the past that were Thursday - Saturday?

I seem to remember that, as well as some Supers that were Thursday - Saturday.

Well, Florida had a 13-17 SEC record and was also 1 and out in Hoover. Their RPI was 27 to Mizzou’s 31 (essentially the same), and they got in.

Yes, I know that Florida swept Mizzou late. Just saying the criteria you mention (conference record, going 1 and out in the Tournament) doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get in.

Almost every regional begins Friday every year. The only exception I know of is when BYU is in the bracket. Because BYU will not play on Sunday, the regional that includes BYU begins on Thursday and would play a winner-take-all game on Monday, if necessary.

The super regionals do begin on alternating days - four on Friday and four on Saturday. That is due in part because of TV, and in part because half the teams begin on Saturday at the College World Series, and the other half begins on Sunday.

True, but the Gators also had a top 5 schedule strength, and I’d say a few better wins than Missou. I’ll add, that the NCAA tourney is not supposed to be the SEC Tourney #2. I also think the season end sweep at Missou was significant in regard to hair splitting.

I wasn’t arguing whether Florida deserved (or didn’t) to get in ahead of Mizzou; I was simply responding to his declaration that a 13-17-1 finish in SEC play (including the SECT) will not get you in to the NCAAT by pointing out that a 13-18 team (which happened to be Florida) just did.

When you have a losing record in conference, I don’t see that you deserve to play in postseason. Never have understood that one. The RPI is not the end all in the eyes of the selection committee. It’s not a tool to pick the teams. It’s part of the equation. Missouri just didn’t win enough games against quality teams. Not in my eyes, anyway. Like Matt said, they played virtually nobody in non-conference. It’s not like some of those teams had off years. Missouri knew what they had when they scheduled them, a bunch of easy wins.