If anyone cares we're in a tight one

Up by 8 versus 1-6 st Mary’s

Will anyone ever drive to the basket instead of jacking up 3s!!!

and we extend the lead to twenty with a drive to the rim. Moses with another assist.

I saw several things to like about the game tonight. It was what we needed after that awful effort at Minnesota.

  1. Mike made a point to our 2 JC starters that team defense is the #1 priority, by not starting them tonight. It was a very good sign that they both had their best all around games this year off the bench. I was worried that they’d pout and think it wasn’t fair. It was just the opposite and I’d bet it brings the players closer as a “team”.

  2. If we needed any proof that this would be a better shooting team than last year, even with the loss of Bell, this game proved it to be true. The team shot 42% on 3s, with Dusty going 0-5. The rest of the team was 8-14 for 57%.

  3. The Hogs corrected their assists to TOs that were so bad at Minnesota. They had 20 assists on 32 made shots and only 7 TOs. Their numbers at Minn were reversed.

  4. Moses’ offensive game wasn’t there tonight, but he just took over the boards in the 2nd half. He also had 4 really nice assists.

  5. Anton and Manny were both terrific as starters tonight.

  6. As bad as our play at the 4 was against Minn, it was totally reversed by Dustin. He was nothing short of sensational tonight.

Yes,the play wasn’t perfect by any measurement, but they did look much more like a “team” than they did at Minn. The competition wasn’t great, but they certainly weren’t as bad as a 1-6 record would lead you to believe. All were road games against a couple of ranked teams. I was pleased and thought it was the exact type of game we needed. It would have been an easy 20 point win if Mike hadn’t emptied his bench the last 2-3 minutes.