If any coach needs to be relieved

It is Jimmy Dykes. He is in his 3rd year and we seem to be regressing every year. He is a great ambassador and UA grad but he is not getting the job done. I wondered about him when he was hired, no coaching experience and one of the toughest women’s leagues in the country. Hopefully he will resign rather than get fired.

He will be at years end.

Jimmy Dukes was dealt a pair of 2’s aginst a Royal straight flush. The women’s team has been in turmoil all year! It’s not all his fault. Give Long a little blame for that.

Jimmy deserves another year just like the rest of the coaches we have here. Has coached 3 seasons and been to the tournament 1 time, he’s no different than anyone else coaching at Arkansas now, he had players leave, injuries and players with self inflicted issues. I think the end of next season would be a better time to be evaluating all of the Arkansas head coaches according to performance and goals reached. At that point the programs will have achieved desirable results or we need to be buying stock in AMERCO the company that owns U-haul ! WPS

Tough to watch the women’s team right now. I pull for Jimmy. Known him for a long time. When the kneel down happened, I thought to myself, “Whoops.” And, it has not gotten any better from then. How many of those six players will still be here for next year might be the question. Seems like they have fallen by the wayside, little by little.

How many other schools had players kneel down during the national anthem? I don’t remember hearing/seeing others, if any. That may have been a signal of problems to come. IDK. I like CJD and hope, as an Arkansas alum, for his success. It just seems to have all went downhill since the kneel down. Don’t know that we can blame it all on that, but it sure seems like an omen of the things to come.

I watched some of the Misery game on Sunday. Seemed like most of the second half we had all five girls on the perimeter, running a weave, usually leading to a three with nobody even close to rebounding position. There were a couple of drives into the paint but not many. Our successes, like the men’s team, largely came off steals by the D. I haven’t watched enough of them to know if that’s their standard halfcourt set, but geez, it was painful to watch – even when we hit a couple of those threes.

He’s in a tough spot, I recognize that. I think he gets another year simply because. There is no chasing off of fans because they don’t have many fans to start with. I went to school with Jimmy, known him for 35+, and I’m pulling for him to turn things around. But I’d wager another year where we start 2-9 in SEC play and Jimmy had better call up his friends at ESPN again.

Jimmy had nothing to do with the Kneel-down, but he is suffering the consequences. Every coach deserves a minimum of five years as a matter security. He should be give a fair opportunity to recover from the unexpected set-back(s).

Give Jimmy 6 years like Anderson has had. This is only fair.

You are, of course, correct that he had nothing to do with the kneel down, but he (and Jeff Long) had a lot to do with the aftermath in that they essentially sold their souls just to get it off the front page. Setting up whatever appeasement project they did set up was fine, but it in no way made it clear to those young ladies that the focus of their protest was, in the vernacular of the day, fake news. It was inevitable, in my opinion, that the kneelers would feel that they had won and would harbor resentment to the fans who chose to not support their efforts. That resentment, and the basketball season, could only have one predictable outcome at that point.

Would it have come out any better if the coach and AD had taken the time to educate them about reality instead of blowing in the wind? Very possibly not, but it would have been more honest and it could not have resulted in any worse outcome than it has.

They may or may not have talked to those ladies. Would that have teach them anything, change their mind or realize the negative effects as a whole, more likely not. This was a lose-lose situation for everyone. Now, let’s support Jimmy and the team; build for the future.

REF: Snout

24, I beg to differ from your opinion. Leadership starts at the top. At any point in the University system, the situation could have been avoided. The Chancellor of the Texas System addressed the situation well before any problem occurred. He send a very respective memo to all colleges in the University system to the presidents and ADs saying he understood the student athlete rights but he expected the student athletes to stand for the national anthem. You can find the memo online. Our Chancellor, President, AD and women basketball coach did no such thing and hence the kneel down happened and the situation infuriated many fans. Now, we have a woman’s basketball program on a downward spiral that will probably cost CJD his job.

So the kneeldown is the cause of this “downward spiral”? In the immortal words of Col. Sherman T. Potter, horse hockey. Correlation does not equal causation. While it is true that the girls kneeled and it is also true that the entire team, kneeling or not, is not playing well, one did not cause the other. You might as well claim that the “downward spiral” is because it rained today. Both are true, but rain did not cause the poor play.

Swine, I normally respect your opinion. However, CJD couldn’t influence his team in this situation and felt the wrath of a fanbase. Social media being what it is today…I’m sure the team felt it too. Attendance and support has dwindled. These things accumulate and expectations are lowered. Some will say that doesn’t influence the team. I say yes it does and you can see by how they’re playing. I hope CJD can succeed but right now it doesn’t appear he can be successful.

I don’t know that the pre-game actions of that one night has any bearings on the rest of the season. It’s my understanding a few of those players are no longer on the team, but someone else with better insight would have to speak as to why they aren’t. From what I’ve read, it seems the team isn’t responding well to CJD, but I certainly think every coach deserves time to try to right the ship. It wasn’t like WBB was a bastion of greatness before he took over and he’s run it aground. I agree with Swine that he should get at least another year.

I don’t disagree with another year for CJD. The State has one of the best players in the nation and I hope she becomes a Hog. Yes, the WBB needs considerable help and I hope CJD can recruit her. I think the WBB would have become a more prominent program if they hadn’t run off Coach Blair.


What this very sad deed did was to bring great and deep harm to our school and
the women’s team. I hope they regret it half as much as I regret that they are on any
Razorback team. No team spirit was displayed by this totally selfish act.
They should put a shirt on that proclaims, “ME FIRST”. May well be a defining characteristic of this generation. ME-ME-ME

Just go away.