If and that's a big if

Who do we REALALISTICALLY go after if BB is let go at end of season!

Mike Norvell
Jeff Brohm
Phillip Montgomery
Jason Candle
Neal Brown

The options are there, there are a bunch of guys who are capable.

CBB is showing us his record at Wisconsin, may have been, (as I’ve personally thought all along) a product of the system. They are doing just fine, if not better without him.

We need an offensive guru, we need another CBP type mind.

Les Miles!

we could lose every sec game and long won’t do squat

The DC at Clemson !

Or the coach at Va Tech!

Or maybe the coach at La Tech

If he lays a complete egg and loses the donors it MIGHT happen…but I doubt it.

Venables isn’t leaving for any HC except possibly K State

This is a good list. Would put Montgomery first.
Would back up the dump truck for Gundy and Fuente. make them say no to $$$ first.

Frank Wilson

Elite recruiter

Would be fantastic in TX and LA.

Agree on Montgomery - brilliant offensive mind. Would recruit well in TX.

Like the ol saying goes " IF was a 5th, we would be all drunk"

None of these guys excite me but something has to change. There will be a lot of empty seats for the remaining games except Auburn.