If and that’s a big IF between

Gus or Norvell I would go for Norvell because his age and wants the job and afraid Gus could divide the state. There are those who love Gus and those who can’t stand him. The last thing this state and Razorback Fans need is a divided fan base. I know the people at ASU don’t trust him so why should we?

I agree. This fan base has been divided too many times over too many things. The GSD, the Nutt-Malzahn issues of 2007, the BP firing…Just not worth hiring Gus. Of course, I also know if we don’t offer him, that’ll divide the fans, too. I’d like to offer him & have him turn us down. Maybe that’d placate his Springdale cult without subjecting the rest of us to drama.

No matter who we hire, we’ll have a hard time winning the SEC. Alabama is going to be good as long as Saban is there. Auburn, LSU & A&M will always be pretty good. The only programs we should beat more than get beat by are Ole Miss, MSU & Mizzou. That leaves one rotating SECE opponent. When it’s Vandy, KY or SC we should win more than we lose. When it’s UF, UGA or even TN, we’ll lose more than we win. That’s unless we really get lucky on a homerun hire. (And by homerun, I don’t mean someone who wows us in the presser or when we hear his name. I mean someone who is well above average who will win more than our resources suggest we should.)

The fan base will be divided no matter who we hire. If we hire Norvell, the Gus lovers will be complaining that we should have hired their guy. We are Arkansas. We complain we never get the respect we deserve and we deserve better. We don’t see the disadvantages that outsiders see and we think we should be the best all of the time. When we don’t like our coach, we fly banners over our stadium, take out full page ads in the paper, solicit cell phone records, and we fire or AD because… well, just because, he is not one of us and doesn’t understand us. We are Arkansas and we get exactly what we deserve, we just think we deserve better. Unless we can get Saban or Frank Broyles comes back to life, we will be divided over the next coach.

If Saban came here and signed a 5 yr contract for $1 per year, there would still be people complain, “why didn’t you sign him for 10 yrs? Why did you give him a $25 million buyout?” Its just in some people’s nature.

Auburn beats Alabama = No Gus Malzahn whether your Yay or Nay.

Not necessarily…to make the “show” and avoid 3 losses, he would have to also beat Georgia in the SEC Championship.

Well said, Being a 53 year fan I approve this post.