If and just if

Bielema is kept and has to get rid of his offensive assistants please tell me who in their right mind as an assistant coach would take this job knowing that the Head Coach is on an extremely hot seat.

Enos isn’t going anywhere. Oline coach may pack and move !

I agree. If CBB stays, Enos will be retained. Anderson is gone. Maybe the RB coach too. I don’t think Bret has any problem luring an offensive line coach. Might have to be someone young…or looking for a shot.


Enos and CBB have to get on the same page that this OLine is not capable of smash mouth football OR long developing play action passing. The playcalling has to go with more passing that is quick, shot gun

Wasn’t it him when on his very first recruiting trip with CBB just after being hired, he split his pants and had to stop and buy a new pair on the way to visit the recruit?

Time for him to go. He’s had his chance. Has lost most fan support and if he stays good luck selling tickets next year. Tell me how things will be better next year if he stays.

When a coach on hot seat as CBB is makes changes to save his job it rarely works. Neither good coaches nor kids want to go there. This should have been done years ago. I like CBB but for whatever reason wasn’t a good fit and it is time for both UA and CBB to move on. 10-26 in SEC and 0-17 after half says there is a definite problem at the top!

I think it was Anderson that had to buy pants. I may be wrong.

the schedule will play itself out and will then dictate coaches fate. A 2-5 team now that finishes 6-6 or 7-5 is retained. By all accounts anyone outside of the state of Arkansas predicted from 5-7 to 7-5 for our team. Now, a crash of 3-9 or 4-8 then he may be terminated.

The tickets will be sold if he returns next year. This I promise. Will they show? That can’t be answered but I can assure you that the tickets, boxes, etc. will be sold out.

with 3-500k a year there will be plenty of guys that will take a flyer on the job as OL coach.