If alleged Sampson deal doesn’t finalize, who is next?

Few is a huge name of course but could he recruit the mid south and TX?

I have to believe any shot of getting Beard even with big money went out the window with making final four. He likely bides his time a touch longer with better money deal in Lubbock unless one of the blue bloods comes open which doesn’t seem case now - or maybe a TX.

Not sure we want to wait a week longer until after final four weekend in any case.

I see the talk of Nevada guy and I’m sure he knows the game but can he recruit the mid south and TX I wonder if even a fit.

Keeping fingers crossed for Sampson who I think would be a great fit for us.

0% chance on Few. Several schools have thrown the bank at him over the years, and turned down them all.

I know there are several other candidates that have been mentioned, but it appears ones such as Chris Beard and Buzz Williams are very unlikely.

Beard will apparently stay at Texas Tech (unless Texas opens up) and Williams is locked in at Texas A&M.

Obviously Eric Musselman’s name is out there for jobs. He’s 110-34 at Nevada, 58-13 in the last two years.

https://heavy.com/sports/2018/03/eric-m … gent-kids/


Some others that appear to be on a long list are:

• New Mexico State’s Chris Jans - 58-11 in the last two seasons

https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/sports … 282043002/

https://nmstatesports.com/coaches.aspx? … ath=mbball

• Northwest Missouri State’s Ben McCollum - Division 2 stud whose team just won the national title by going 38-0.

I know would be a hard sell to fans, but he’s going somewhere soon and will make that program great.

https://www.kansas.com/sports/college/a … 60004.html

https://bearcatsports.com/coaches.aspx? … ath=mbball
https://www.courierpress.com/story/spor … 310684002/

Kim Anderson was having a fine career at lower level before taking over at Missouri.

So depressing.

Very true

PJ, do you think Mike was better than all those Dudley mentioned with how recruiting was looking?

Not to be a complete list, just those who are down the list.

Exactly… if they fired coach A for this :disappointed:

If they don’t get one of the big timers I hope they get creative and get someone like McCollum. Please no retreads

I like the Murray St guy, name escapes me. I still like Earl Grant. Several asstants I like better than some head coaches I’ve heard.

Just apologize to Mike and rehire him

Throw the bank at Mark Few. Probably would say no, but you don’t know unless you try.

Musselman still most intriguing out of that trio.

I have no faith that coaches like Mussleman, Jens can recruit better at Arkansas than Mike. Do you think those two could have convinced Monk to sign here over Kentucky?

I am not sure if Sampson, Beard and Buzz can either but I think there is sone hope. But really my comment about depression was about dipping into Dudley’s list from Mussleman on.

I agree with this.

If all of our eggs in basket are on a big name like Sampson at say 4 per year over 5 and there is equivocation - and they think we have nothing but lesser experienced guys on our list, I hope we don’t stick are are prepared to go to 5 and make this happen.

Sampson is a respected national name and home run hire and shot in the arm that program can take a step up perhaps. We know Beard and Buzz have other considerations and not in play.

It’s a completely different feeling about the future to me if we can’t land Sampson.

How about Self, he might be ready to leave Kansas for enough money for a job he really wanted until John White got in the way or does Kansas and JL have him so locked down that he can’t leave? He’s way above some of the guys being mentioned as the next coach.

That boat sailed years ago.

Guys. I like Mike as much as everyone, but with Mike we know what we will get…frankly after 8 years it isn’t enough. Do we have a great recruiting class coming? The number 1 prospect in the state is going to Kansas. It is time to move on

I hope UA isn’t offering Kelvin Sampson $4mil/yr. Should be $2.75 mil/yr max.