IF all things were equal

Which they have NEVER been a single day in Cals career
Mike would outcoach Cal everyday all day and twice on Sunday.

It appears that money talks.

Yes it does…

What are you talking about???

MA got outcoached in the 2nd half. 27 points after halftime. No answer for Herro. 31% shooting.

$$$$$ talked the 2nd half. It’s a bunch of crap!!!

Greaseball with a roster full of 5 star McDonald All Americans got help from the refs to win. Period. Listen to the media outside of the SEC. They are wearing out the refs! It’s not just Hog fans.
Kentucky didn’t cover the spread. They sure didn’t play like the 4th ranked team in the nation. When the FBI gets done Cal may look good in stripes!

If, people do their jobs , he will be wearing strips!!!