If Alex claims "he'll take the Stanford offense any day"

I’m thinking he seriously needs to take more math classes.

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Well academically Stanford has always been near the bottom…

Maybe he meant he’d rather pitch to the Stanford offense?

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If he believes that then he would have to admit that our pitcher is exponentially better than he is.

This is a day the Hogs offense owned the Stanford pitching. I hope we don’t play them again.

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His coach tried to cover his tail by saying he meant to say he hopes our offense is better but the damage was already done LOL

Enjoying a beer, listening to the “Top Gun: Maverick” soundtrack, and reading the board’s post-game comments … what a glorious day. WPS!

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Alex wasn’t allowed in the post game Press Conference per the coach… shut your mouth kid…

Yes their coach attempted to smooth it over BUT then their coach ended his conversation with a smirky laugh.

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