"IF" 2020 College Football is cancelled

I’m saying “IF” but I really expect it will be. I just hope we have basketball at this point.

Now if its cancelled, where does that leave players that only had this year of eligibility left (ie Seniors)?

Do they get the year back, if so, how does that impact incoming freshman the next year and the scholly limit.

Do these seniors just get their back patted and shown the door with a “life it tough dude, time to move on”?

If so that kinda shitty way for all teh hard work a player has put in for normally 4 years.

once upon a time a scholarship was an opportunity to earn a college degree.
Long, long, ago actually.

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Just read that the Ivy League has put all sports on hold till Jan. 2021.

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Ohio State just halted all sports workouts.

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Dominoes are starting to tilt heavily.

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Don’t be surprised if college football starts in the 2nd semester in February…

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