Idiots at SECN+/watch espn

turned the stream off with 2 out in the 9th and 1 runner on!! Said the game ended.

Anybody actually got to see the ending?

I got the whole thing.

I used SECN watch espn and it showed the game until the end.

I was on ESPN on Apple TV & saw the whole thing.

I saw it all.

I saw the end of the game without a problem.

No problem here…

wow, that’s weird. Were any of you on U-Verse using ROKU to stream? I was on SECN+ and then immediately went to ESPN3 and both showed the screen “Your program has ended”? Maybe it’s possible the UVerse/Roku signal is on a 1 or 2 minute delay and all I missed was Cronin’s final pitch?

I also missed the end of the game. I was streaming through the ESPN app using my AT&T U-Verse account. I just went back to the app and re-watched the last couple of minutes of the game. Turns out I missed only the very last pitch of the game; a hard grounder to Nesbit at 3rd, who threw to 1st for the last out.

Thanks, I was beginning to think I had some kind of black-out for a minute. I just saw that last groundout to 3rd on the 10:00 sports.

I’m thinking it must be a Uverse thing, because I was watching through AT&T (NOT Uverse, however) and also on Roku - and I saw the whole thing.

I will say my buddy - who watches on the espn app through his DISH Network subscription - complained to me during the game that his stream jumped back to the beginning of the game a few times yesterday. I’ve never had that problem before.

I could never get my WatchESPN app to work at all for the baseball game, and only saw the women’s basketball because it was on SECN and I could thus stream it through my TV provider. No problem, though; just dialed up the audio stream and listened to Chuck, since Phil is with the basketball team.

I can get all ACC games…but no SEC games. I have roku and Directv is my provider.