Ideal finish to the 2018 class? What's realistic?

I wonder if Dudley was talking about Jordan Phillips instead of “Turner.”

Sorry. I only check the board at the beginning and end of the day typically. I was confused, too. I was thinking Eric Turner, but it’s Hunter.

However LeBlanc and Hunter play different positions.

To answer the OP:

Horton - C
Chaney - PF

I believe this are our two biggest positions of need, and also think we have decent shots with both.

Phillips - CG

A 6’7 PG/SG would be an adherent advantage in my opinion.

I don’t think Phillips is really a PG, he MAY can play a little bit of the 2 spot. From watching his highlights he looks more like a guy that would play the 3 spot in our system. I think sometimes they say these kids can play all these positions to hype them up and give them more publicity, kinda like all these 6’8-6’9 guys you see that their coaches tell all the scouts they are small forwards, then they never see a minute of SF when they get in college and end up playing at the 4/5.

Fair point

Of all the players left on the board, LeBlanc and Hellems seem to be the most skilled and talented and could provide immediate impact. Those two plus Horton would be a nice get.

Phillips is intriguing though, be interesting to see how big of a priority he ends up being. For some reason I have a feeling he’ll end up a Hog. His recruitment kinda feels like how things were with Adrio Bailey. Which was we were on a few guys that was more highly rated and nobody really talked about him much, but his name was out there and he was a guy the staff really liked.

Hellems is also interesting, he really blew up, I remember seeing a lot of scouts tweet about him in the late July period. However, we’re going to have to beat out some big fish for him, his top 7 has schools with some coaches that can really recruit. He’ll probably be Mizzou bound if Counzo Martin really wants him. Martin is going to pretty much lock down Missouri.

Hellems and Nolley were two names that also intrigued me, but I agree with you on Hellems. I also think Embery and LeBlanc are going to the same school. I just don’t think it’s here. I haven’t heard anything about Nolley in awhile, so I guess he’s out of the equation.

The only other program offering both is Texas A&M

I am very much aware of that

I can see LeBlanc going to to LSU. Why do you think he and Embery pick A&M over Arkansas? Because Arkansas staff are poor recruiters?

No. Because aTm, as said in another thread, seems to be really high on LeBlanc’s list. He always seems high on them. Embery seems to be wanting to play with LeBlanc, and the fact it’s their last visit indicates that they are the priority. It seems like the last visit always has an advantage.

I have to disagree with you there, a lot of recruits don’t even make it to their last visit before they commit. I think getting the first visit is going to give us the best shot to land the LeBlanc/Embery duo. We need to get a hold of LeBlanc before that LSU visit, I think that’s the key to having a chance at landing him.

And as far as TAM getting LeBlanc, they are definitely a contender, but I’d still be more worried about LSU. It’s going to be really hard to get LeBlanc away from them, Will Wade has been killing it in recruiting, he’s presumably about to land a 5-star guy here shortly, and he’s really trying to lock down Louisiana. TAM on the other hand, is mass recruiting with a lot of offers out, if they get the sense they have another guy lined up they have a better shot with they’ll quickly refocus their efforts on that recruit.

With Embery, I’m not so sure what to think about him at the moment, he’s transferring to IMG Academy, and as Kevin McPherson was saying on the radio, usually when you see guys transfers to schools like that they are trying to get more notoriety. And keep in mind with Embery, he completely changed his top 5 schools from about 2 months ago after he had a good summer and added more offers. Wouldn’t surprise me if he waited a little bit and seen if he could raise his stock even more at IMG.

Went down a rabbit hole of watching highlight videos tonight. First time really watching most of these guys, so apologies for rambling.

They need one or both of Bailey and Osabuohien to be able to play important minutes at the 4 by next year, but signing Leblanc or Chaney, who look about equal based on what I’ve seen, would give you another option.

I’ll be interested to see if anyone other than Horton pops up as an option at the 5. Obviously it seems like he is on board if an offer is extended.

Winding up with either Embery or Moss would be nice. Moss’ length make him look bigger than 6-3. Showed nice vision at times. Both look like good shooters. Embery is bouncy and knows how to score. I like both and both look like they could be primary ballhandlers. Will Garland and Sills be able to fill that role, too?

Keonte Kennedy can really shoot it, has a good handle and had some flashes of athleticism that caught me off guard. Shoutout to whoever Kez Kennedy is for uploading half a million highlight videos to YouTube.

I really, really, really like Nate Hinton’s game from the few videos I watched. Big wing, smooth, can flat-out score, solid athlete, unselfish.

Really liked what I saw from Jericole Hellems too. Can definitely score. Seems like he’s blowing up.

Like Kaden Archie’s frame and athleticism. Seems like he gets after it defensively, too. Will it be hard to pry him from Shaka?

Jordan Phillips is an interesting big guard. Can handle it a little and shoot it a little. Liked how he has some Dion Waiters in his game, yelling ‘and 1’ on every shot anywhere near the paint ha. Nice Euro usage.

For me, I’d want to finish out the class like this…

One of Embery/Moss/Kennedy
One of Hinton/Hellems/Phillips/Archie
One of Leblanc/Chaney/Horton

But taking 2 guys guards/wings means a pretty full backcourt and I could see the staff wanting 2 bigs. They obviously have a much better idea of what they already have and what their needs are at this time.

Last thing, I really liked the shooting ability of a lot of these guys. The staff addressed the lack of length in the 2017 class. Adding shooting in the 18 class is super important and a lot of these guys look like they can do that.

One advantage of making Horton part of this class is that it balances the classes better rather than having a 6 freshmen class. It opens up a scholarship in 2020 where instate talent is loaded.

As long as his academic progress is there, I think Horton is as close to a lock as can be.

I think we land CF/PF and a guard to go with him. Jordan Phillip could be the wild card, as they may think he’s versatile enough to take with Horton and another guard.

I meant Jordan Phillips - not quite sure where I pulled Turner out of the air from that day.

LeBlanc or Phillips
Embery or Moss
Chaney or Horton

What about Hellums, Nolley, or apparently now Days? Or are the first two completely out of the question? Just curious why we haven’t heard about the first two in awhile.

It is clear Horton wants to be a Razorback. Does our staff want him too? What is your take?