Ideal finish to the 2018 class? What's realistic?

They’ve got Joe, Sills and Henderson and have 3 spots still available (if we’re assuming Justice isn’t going to count toward the 18 class, which I honestly haven’t followed enough to know other than he’s now planning to enroll for the spring '19 semester. 2 spots if he does count back).

Saw they’ve got visits with LeBlanc and Embery.

A lot of you guys follow the prospects more closely than I do (I tend to only really pay attention after a commit), so I’m curious who you all would like to see the class rounded out with?

My prediction is that they will sign 3 and count Justice towards 2019 class. He may even be a walkon for the 2019 class. I think they will land Horton, Weaver or Chaney and Moss.

Interesting. I like Moss a lot. Who do you prefer between Weaver or Chaney?

My response was what I thought we would end up with realistically. Based on seeing highlights only, I like Chaney better.

I think you also asked for what we wish we would end up with. My answer to that is Moss, LeBlanc and Ngumezi.

I think we’ll add 3 more and end up signing 6 in the fall. Then depending on what happens in Spring as far as transfers/early departures will determine if Hill will get a scholarship for the 2018 class or not.

As of right now, my wishlist for the last 3 spots are below. And I think those guys would be the best case scenario to sign in the fall.

Matthew Horton (JUCO) PF/C
Keyshawn Embery PG/SG
Josh LeBlanc SF

If we’re going by most likely to sign in the fall, I’d go with the these guys below.

Matthew Horton (JUCO) PF/C
TJ Moss SG
Feron Hunt SF

I think Horton will end up a Hog as long as the staff wants him, and it’s looking very likely. TJ Moss, I think if staff brings him in for a visit he’ll commit as well. Feron Hunt is a guy that has said we’ll jump into his top 3 if we offer. The other 2 schools he’s interested in are TCU and Tulsa. He’s already been talking to Jabril Durham, they are from the same hometown. Only thing to worry bout with Hunt, is he said he wants to commit in September and he already has those 2 visits setup with TCU and Tulsa, so if we wanted him we’d have to offer fairly soon.

LeBlanc or Turner
Embery or Moss
Chaney or Horton


I know this is a best guess… but no Jordan Phillips?

Who is Turner? First time hearing of him.

I seem to remember the name Turner, but not sure it was associated with the bball team…on a side note 247 reranked players - Perry is no longer a 5* and Henderson is no longer a 4. What the heck happened?

Henderson is a 4-stars on their 247 ranking, but on the 247 composite ranking he’s a 3 star. That doesn’t make any sense, considering he’s rated as a 4-star on every other service, and if he’s rated as a 4-star on every other service his composite should be a 4-star.

I’d like to know too!

He went to MissSteak

Well, first, 247’s composite ranking is made up of 247, Rivals, ESPN and Scout rankings. There’s a algorithm that no one has figured out and Jerry Meyer won’t give away that produces the 247 composite ranking.

I think there’s a mistake right now with their 5 star ratings. Typically, you see 25-30 5 stars in the composite rankings. Right now, the last 5 star is ranked 12. That’s an error.

On Henderson, hes not a 4 star on Scout. Also, Scout is going through a transition to 247’s site platform. Ethan currently shows ranked 246 with them. But, Evan Daniels, Scout’s lead guy, says they only ranked the top 100 (which is historically what they do) and made a handful of 4 stars outside the top 100. He said the number ranking will will go away eventually if a kid is outside of the top 100.

Still, though, if your ranked 136 in the 247 composite rankings like Ethan is, you’re gonna be a 3 star. Historically, the last 4 star ranking typically is between 110 and 120.

Ethan has slid in the rankings, which we all should have expected. I suggested this would probably happen several times between last spring and this spring. My prediction is that his composite ranking would land somewhere between 100 and 150. That’s a fair ranking for him. Still a good prospect that fits us well.

Me thinks Dudley meant someone else rather than Turner, as he’s not similar to LeBlanc.


Me thinks Dudley meant someone else rather than Turner, as he’s not similar to LeBlanc.
[/quote]Ok. But, who is Turner period?

Gotcha, Scout must have updated as well, last I checked Ethan was a 4-star on there and that was like a couple weeks ago. A ranking of 246 is not an accurate ranking for Henderson’s skill level that has to be a mistake on Scout’s part, like you said he’s a guy in the 100-150 area. One service shouldn’t have a guy as the 87th best prospect and another the 246 best prospect.

Absolutely agree. At one point during Agim’s SR year. He was Top 10 on one site (believe ESPN) and not even in the Top 150 on another (believe it was 247). Towards the end he jumped on every site.

<taps mic>. Is this thing on?

LOL, I’m with you on that, I still wanna know Turner is.