I'd like to report, reference UoAR, Fayetteville ...

Tom Murphy’s article today (“OLB spots provide 2 distinctive looks for Razorbacks”) has NO mention of UoA, Fayetteville. Sweet victory, or just a mistake?

I’m calling out my calling out of a guy who did not deserve to be called out as the reason for this moment of sanity. :wink:

Even if it was a mistake, it’s still something of a victory for sanity. I’m afraid it doesn’t signal a change in policy, though.

Wally says it’s “just for record keeping”. That seems like a pretty lame excuse. Does the ADG not also “keep records” on the “University of Florida, Gainesville”, the “University of Georgia, Athens”, the “University of South Carolina, Columbia”, etc. They don’t seem to be having trouble “keeping those records”… So what is it ADG guys??? What is the reason behind this? How about a little investigative reporting on your own organization??

Bite the hand that feeds them??

Brutha Tom may be fighting back. No UAF mention in his Austin Allen story either. He seems to be going with Razorbacks. Great choice!

Record keeping? What in the world does that mean? What records are they even keeping? Have they been unable to distinguish one from the other for the past 45 years & now decided they need this?

I’ve been perfectly willing to give WH a pass on this because I thought the decision was made way above his head, but that doesn’t mean he has to make BS explanations for it. If he wants to tell it “like it is” he just needs to say he can’t do anything about it & leave it there.