I'd have to question why GM would want to come to Arkansas

This may be the best Def I’ve seen all year and he returns everyone but a player or 2 on Def. His Off and play calling is outstanding. He’d be crazy to want to leave plus he’s got more money coming his way after today…He just destroyed Bama

I could be wrong but I don’t think he has ever been really seriously interested. He wants more job security at Auburn and is using his friends in NWA to try to get it on his contract at Auburn. I also believe that some not in the Malzahn group saw this as a possibility and have been reaching out to others and there is a plan B.

he got seriously interested earlier when on the hot seat and wheels started turning here. now…who knows.


and they made adjustments continually throughout the game, not just at halftime. Whatever Bama was doing in their run game on that first series after the half, the Tiggers adjusted and stopped that run game. That’s superior coaching.

just enormously impressed with gus and auburn today


i cant see him leaving. his legacy is being created now and next year.

so yeah… gulp

Kevin Steele has done an incredible job this year. Having talent like that helps as they are loaded with 4 and5 star kids.