ICYMI, Tommy Bush

was on Recruiting Thursday.


INTERVIEW: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … ssible-vi/

If a guy is not sure if he is even going to take a visit it is not a very good sign for that school?
I think Morris and Company have done a great job, but it may not be enough.

Agree. Don’t see him visiting, but you keep trying and hope he does. I think he’s Baylor bound.

What are your thoughts on why a player of his caliber and skill set, would want to commit to the Baylor football program? I can understand the Florida draw, but I can’t see why the draw to Baylor. Baylor is a good university, but with all the issues the football program went thru, it just makes me scratch my head and ask why.
Has our football program fallen that far, that Baylor is still more attractive?

Speaking in a general sense, where Baylor recruits are concerned, the answer to your question (in many cases):

(1) Baptist church’s influence in Mama’s life
(2) Mama’s influence on player’s decision

Good points!
Mama has a lot of power!

I get that. What I don’t get is why Mama would want to send her child, male or female, to a place that has systematically covered up sexual assaults by athletes for years. The same can now be said of Michigan State, by the way.

One would think - as it was with Gerry Bohanon - that the 1-11 Bears are selling early playing time as well.

Dudley, are suggesting that he wouldn’t really have to compete for playing time?
If he is good enough, wouldn’t he have the same opportunity for early playing time with Arkansas?