ICYMI: Deifel becomes UA softball's wins leader

Got to talk with Hunter Yurachek and KB Sides on the impact Courtney Deifel has made on the softball program both on and off the field:


hope you write the story when she reaches victories#400 and 500!

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…and the fact she did all that as the Head Hog!
She is terrific!


I just love her positive demeanor and how she is instilled a loving attitude within her program… I always see them hugging each other and some people probably think that’s childish but those people have never played sports more than likely because if you don’t love your teammate how will you play hard for them???

I can tell you the answer to that!! They won’t play hard for each other until they love and respect each other. That is the foundation of her program,now she’s added the incredible recruiting capabilities that she has and this program will be climbing bigger mountains sooner then later because of it! Congratulations Coach… job very well done.


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