IceHogs win at national tournament too

In pool play at Boston.

Two more pool games. Pool winner moves on to the semifinals.

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Wish they played on rink instead of in pool. Be more like hockey.

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The Razorback Hockey jerseys are sweet!

You can buy some of them. I posted a link in a hockey thread a couple of weeks ago.

Update: The jerseys are only available at certain times and the winter shopping window closed last week. The hockey club twitter account (see above) will have the links when it reopens. Probably will be in the fall.

I like those.

IceHogs led Oakland 5-2 with 4 minutes left. I can’t confirm the final but if they held on they’re playing Meechigan tomorrow to advance to the ACHA Final Four.

Final was 5-3. Meechigan plays Florida Gulf Coast later. If FGCU somehow wins UA would almost clinch the final four thanks to goal difference.

I assume that the ice hogs is a club team and not part of the athletic department?

Correct. Although the success of Arizona State’s club team led the Sun Devils to add varsity hockey. I do not expect that here unless they get some rich patron essentially to pay for a varsity program.

Michigan won 3-1. IceHogs and U-M both have two wins and +5 goal difference. Winner advances. If they tie? No idea.

Now have an idea. If head to head and most wins are both tied, and they would be, goals allowed is the next tiebreaker, and Michigan has the advantage there. So IceHogs need to win. They made the final four in 2021, so it’s not like they can’t.

I really like the jersey and will purchase one when they are available again. :grinning:

No such luck. Meechigan wins 5-1. Season over.