Ibby Gone

Entered the transfer portal as expected.

Yep, just saw that. Not surprised. Expecting maybe 1 more

There is a domino that could make Vanover a sure thing.

Sorry to hear that.

At least one anyways, I think we need one more to fall before he’s a “sure thing.” And I’m not so sure it hasn’t already fell, we just don’t know, yet

Agreed. That is why I said “could”.

Despite my obvious bias towards CV, I feel the same way… any Hog is one of “my guys”.

As Fran Frascilla once said, “He was 3 years away from being 3 years away”. I think we are better off in the short and long run. I could see him being a decent rebounder/shot blocker for some mid-major by the time he is a JR or SR. So far to go.

Any way y’all could let the rest of us mortals know who y’all are talking about?

And, do y’all think this was a Muss choice or a Ibby choice?

Not sure on the first, I believe I have a good idea of who else has to “not be here.”

On the 2nd, mutual

Perhaps we are not on the exact same page… I was thinking more about someone not coming, not about someone else leaving.

Someone else not coming would fall under “not be here.”

Gotcha. I miss the “bonking myself on the forehead” emoji from the Old Board! :lol:

You and I feel the same about CV and Ibby. Big guys with potential are hard to come. At least we will be getting CV hopefully.

That’s good because he’s wasn’t going to play meaningful minutes and it gives us another scholarship. Now that he has entered the portal, Arkansas is not required to renew his scholarship and I’d be surprised if they did.

Baked…remember our PM conversation on this. I am 1 for 1 but not sure I am proud of it lol. Don’t think we are finished either.

I think it has Baked, just not out yet as we discussed.

I wasn’t speaking of him, I was more referring to Sy not coming, but right now that wouldn’t surprise me. It may others. I’m also not sure he would be the last. I think we may see 2 more.

Yep…agreed sir!

Team under construction…