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It was detected during a UA physical.

If Gafford stays, we will be fine with 6-11 Gafford, 6-9 Henderson, 6-8 Chaney, 6-8 Osabuohien. You can of course get bigger, but I would not call that lineup “small”. If Gafford leaves, then we need to replace him with a 6-10 or taller. No doubt about that.

C.J. was quite streaky but did hit 37% from the three (43 of 116), 42% from the field (80 of 189) and 79% from the free throw line (19 of 24) in averaging 6.3 points per game coming off the bench in all 35 games. He was a liability on the defensive end, and must improve in that area. If so, with increased minutes (he only averaged 14 minutes a game), he could easily average double figures next season.

I thought he played better D towards the end of the year, but most of the time he was in at the end of the year, Mike had us in zone.

Can Mike afford to wait two years for Gabe to put up Trey Thompson type numbers lol I don’t think considering the hate group he has are on every loss we have. For his career sake and Gabes I think it’s best Gabe transfer and we replace him with a Juco or Grad transfer big who can play i.e. Nick Marshall or Tory Miller. It’s not worth the gamble to hold on to Gabe imo

I think both of those could work. I’d lean more toward Marshall.

Blu, Nick Marshall, former ESPN #55, went to Memphis, transferred out to Motlow St CC. I believe that makes him immediately eligible and he’d have two years of eligibility left. 18-19, and 19-20 opens up an additional scholarship for the 20 class.

Actually, Marshall isn’t listed on Motlow’s roster, so I’m not sure about his eligibility.

Giving up on Gabe at this point would be a mistake. He has athletic ability and does not play scared. He’s raw and needs to get stronger, but you don’t give up on a guy like that after his freshman year.

Also spring JUCO signees are typically a crap shoot. In addition to the usual transition hurdles for a JUCO, often there is a reason the guy did not sign with a major conference in the fall.

Thanks for info. I googled Nick Marshall after I asked who he was, when I did I remembered who he was. I didn’t actually know he was still around and eligible to play college basketball. Like you said I don’t see him listed on any rosters.

Also, that’s kinda a random name to throw out. I don’t remember us even being a serious contender for him when he was in high school. Is there some link to us and him?

Not that I’ve found. I also had to look up the name. His stats really don’t pop out at Tiger High either

Gabe is a nice prospect. Very athletic (unlike Cook and Thomas) with an ability to put the ball on the floor and drive. He also showed a knack for taking charges and rebounding in traffic. Just needs reps and strength. At one of the last games where they mentioned honor roll recipients he was one of the guys to make the team and he is well spoken young man in interviews (I think Trey and Adrio were the other 2).

Also he is a legit 6’8 unlike Adrio who is probably more around 6’6.

I know it’s off subject, but that is something that impressed me about Colin Sexton. I was extremely impressed at how well spoken he is (Macon is another that has stood out to me). I don’t understand about half the kids interviewed now days (in football or basketball). I’m losing my hearing so I’ve started using closed captioning. I’ve had several times that the TV was turned up, my hearing aides were turned up, and closed captioning was on. I didn’t understand what was being said and the closed caption said indistinct chatter. It impresses me to see kids that are that well spoken. It’s impressive

I have not heard Hall and CJ in interviews yet. But all other Arkansas kids speak well. BTW, I remember Adrio was a valedictorian at his high school.

Gabe was not our first or second option one of the only reason he’s here is because we needed a body since Brachen transferred I dont think Gabe going to be a factor next year if he stay

Gabe is not that athletic his 6’8 and from what I’ve seen he can barely dunk he is not explosive as I had hoped if so he would’ve been more impactful it was no reason not to play him this past season yet he still found himself the last option off the bench 98% of the season

No offense, but you are simply wrong. He can dunk with ease (example the UK game when Gafford hit him down low). As for playing time I would have like to have seen him play more, but there was a logjam there and CMA trusted the older players.

Scholarship’s are a yearly renewal, it’s not taken away. Basically if you’re made aware that your scholarship “will not” be advanced for the following season followed by a thank you and a glowing student athlete recommendation (resume) this allows you time and opportunity to contact interested parties (school’s) under the radar with a assist from the your current school in transitioning the necessary academic documents to your next school of choice.

D-1 (sit out a year)
D-2 (immediate eligibility)

I still believe what I said in this tweet. He had few offers, but believe he has the talent to be a good contributor on the SEC level. Not saying a star or anything, but a guy that can in year two or three be a solid player. I think we saw flashes this season.


RD, I actually feel that way about everyone on our roster next year (minus Gafford). 2-3 years and we will have a very legit team with a lot of very solid contributors.

Of course we may have the New Triplets to go with them in three years

I’m sure when Saban has a conversation about a player’s scholarship it’s a very short one… he runs them off every year to get the incoming Five Stars more playing time.

I fully agree with that.

Bottom line is the fans may quit on a player just because he did not play much, but Mike Anderson is never going to quit on a player. That is what he tells the parents when he recruits their kid and in my opinion he is not going to go back on his word.