Ibby Ali....

Who is he? I hear he’s a 6’11 big man from Maumelle committed to Baylor

He graduated from Maumelle in 2017 before going to a prep school in Texas. Very raw kid, but is athletic.

He averaged 4 points and 6 rebounds his senior year at Maumelle.

ok thanks Richard an updated 247sports has him as one of our prospects for the 2018 class so thats interesting seeing he only is a verbal commit to Baylor at this point. I tried finding some video highlights on him but was unsuccessful however I’m really hoping Gafford returns and we add a player like Nick Marshall to create quality depth

If Gafford returns I don’t believe we have another scholarship.

Potential scholarship would be Garlands. We will see how they feel about the prognosis for his medical condition.

Actually, most of those in the know (including Dudley) has said they’re giving Garland at least one more year before calling it quits. So, Garland’s scholarship won’t open this year. Maybe next year.

I’m personally Gabe transfer I think that would be better for both parties involved. I think he’s talented but not difference maker talented in this level. And considering the pressure coach A is under he needs difference makers not maybes

Myself and Blu have mentioned the similarities between Gabe’s situation with the team and Nick Babb’s. I don’t know if he will leave on his own, but I don’t think Mike will tell him too.

Is it even lawful for a coach to ask a player to transfer due to their performance on the court? something I’m curious about, after all its a profession and it would do the player nor the coach any good if the coach gets fired

I believe they can discuss the best options with a player, and those options may include transfer. I believe that’s what was reported when Doobie left, but I’m sure RD, or Dudley would know for sure.

I don’t see a whole lot of similarities between the two. Gabe’s expectations are not the same as Babb’s. Not even close. He is happy to be a Hog and wait his turn. He will get a lot of PT this year.

I’m referring to the, “I’m gonna get him in the game, he’s a good player.” Then not playing him. That’s a HUGE similarity.

As for games, I think Babb was a better all around player at the same point (freshmen in college) in their career. And I agree I think Gabe will wait.

I believe when reporters ask questions about a player and if a player is not in trouble, that is the way Mike answers for a couple of reasons. One, he does not want to say a player did not deserve time in that game and destroy his confidence. And second, to keep the player always ready to play.

You will notice that when a player is in trouble, he answers it differently, e.g. DNP on Thomas.

Makes sense

I think the coaches have one-on-ones with players after the season to talk to them about their future in the program. They may not urge a player to transfer, but they may say something like, “I don’t ever see you starting here or getting big minutes at this level. If you want me to help you transfer to a mid-major that would be a good fit, I will.” I think coaches do that. That may be what happens after Spring Practice with the football team, but I don’t think coaches can just take away a scholarship in either sport. May be wrong.

That is what I believe too

I thought Trey Thompson was undeserving of a D1 scholarship until his JR year. Became a solid contributor his last two years. You do not know how a player develops, but between year one and two is the big year for most players. It explains why so many recruits “blow up” at JUCO.

I like Gabe - he is long, athletic, can jump, and is useful in several ways. Reminds me a bit of Ken Biley.

Nick Marshall?

So, does anyone know exactly what the medical issue is with Garland? Why was this seemingly unknown before his signing?
I assume this was a medical redshirt year for him and if he can’t play next season is that just a throw away scholarship? I don’t believe we have the luxury to have a wasted scholarship with a very young roster next season.
I do believe Coach Anderson needs to add a big man somehow wether or not Gafford stays and more so if he leaves, otherwise we are going to be way to small.
As for Gabe, I thought he did pretty well late in the season adding some toughness on the boards and if he goes to some camps he could possibly be a pleasant surprise at the 4 spot.
CJ Jones I felt was a big disappointment with his inconsistency shooting the 3 this season, don’t know what his percentage ended up being, but would be surprised if it was much north of 30%. He was not good on the defensive end at all, he could be one that finds a new home during the off season, especially with all the new guards coming in next season.

Go Hogs!