Ibby Ali workout

Here are some videos from Ibby Ali’s workout today in Little Rock.


Nice to see that that he is able to move and make shots.

As I have said, the fact that he averaged only 4 points, 5.7 rebounds and 1.2 blocks as a senior screams raw, raw, raw and I certainly understand the questions and concern about him from the fan base.

But a 6-10, 235-pound project is better than a 5-10, 235-pound one so we’ll see where this goes.

Hey, I’m not a project :wink:

I was actually talking about myself.

Any offense he provides this year would be a bonus. We need a rim protector and shot blocker to give big Daniel Gafford a rest!

His form looks fine on his shot, and he definitely has the athletic build to be a major-college center. He’s strong enough already to absorb and dish out contact.

Seemed like he had some traveling violations in moving to the hoop. That can be fixed. I like his chiseled look.

Sonny is doing a good job, I love the offense foot work 10’ or more away from the basket, in addition to his drop steps near the basket. This kid will be fine after going against the other bigs on campus, he will contribute this season not sure how much regarding conf play I need to watch his adjustment in pre conf play to see how well he transition to D1 collegians ball, as stated previously there are more ups than not starting with 6’10, 230 something, and really athletic to boot. Typically these young men learn and play soccer at a very early age over in the mother country. His core muscles are tight, meaning he has great body control, hence running jumping etc should be awesome

I hope he develops a nasty dunk

This kid is a man. Big man. He moves really smooth for a guy that size.

I have a feeling he is going to be a good one for the Hogs. Maybe very good.

He has the look of a lean, mean SEC dunking machine.
After he adds twenty pounds of muscle, look out.

is 6’10 what he is projected to grow to?

I believe he is already supposed to be 6’10. I know Henderson and Joe have been measured, but not sure of anyone else. If they have maybe we can get the heights and weights listed.