Ibby Ali told me

45 minutes ago he plans to make his commitment sometime today… I delayed it for a few reasons.

Richard have you ever seen him play? I know the potential is there, otherwise Baylor, Georgetown and others wouldn’t have been interested. However, this is a bit of a risk considering his experience and lack of HS production (and yes I realize he has only played for 4 years).

Hey maybe he will end up like our last Nigerian (M Kingsley), or the best of all time in Olajuwon who was a relative newcomer to the game when he showed up at Houston.

This dude had to look like a Hakeem/Ewing/Robinson/ Mourning hybrid to get some of these looks/offers from some of these schools like Baylor, Syracuse and G-Town who know a thing or two about good big men.

I’m an offer kinda guy. Trumps about everything for me. So I’d say good pickup if those schools wanted him as well.

But would love to hear RD or DD’s take on him, how he has improved so much, etc.

He is definitely “built like a man” already. Not to mention a 7’4 wingspan.

Physical tools are there. Also comforting to know that he has been working with Sunday Adebayo for a quite awhile who knew a thing or two about post moves.

I’ll have to see him play some pick up - which they will be able to do when the freshmen get here in late May/Early June - to give you an evaluation.

I have never seen him play.

My understanding that he did not actually play last season and worked with a trainer while getting his academics in order.

He just said he willl commit real soon.

I wonder when he came up Friday if he did just some individual drills or actually went up against guys on the team played pickup? Either way I guess they saw enough to offer.

Will he be eligible this year

Yes, he will be eligible this year and have 5 years to play 4.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … 018-class/

I have seen one small video. And you can’t see him very well in it. Can’t wait to see this guy. Mysterious cat.

Dudley I hope you play and watching some pickup when these guys get on campus we are gonna need some reports with 10 new players!

Remember Kingsley was already a 4-Star recruit when we signed him. This guy is not even rated. Truly a mystery recruit. I would say he will see very little PT next year. He is more of an investment for the future.

Here’s my two cents on this subject along with a $1: will get you a hot cup of coffee, small. I believe 6’10 that has length and size with an arm span over 7’3 to boot plus very athletic is worth going after especially if you feel he will be with you fours years barring any major injuries. I think most will agree that Mike and the UA basketball program over the past 5 years has more than contribute it’s fair share to the NBA talent Pool, or professional basketball played over seas. I’m sure he rather have his best players with him longer than two or even 3 years. Hence for the mindset grab this 6’10 athlete with solid skill sets as to what this program does minus the experiences, and coach him up 4yrs. I stand corrected, although I don’t recall seeing any 6’10 kids (this length & size ) within the Arkansas borders in these next three future classes

My knees stopped me from playing basketball - other than horse - a long time ago, but I do plan to watch them a lot this summer.

I think 6-10, 235 can help this team better than another guard or wing. He can push against Gafford in practice and get some minutes while developing. It’s worth a shot to me.

Ha! Nice play. Sounds good.

I like him because he’s going to get us a championship.

Doesn’t appear to be any reaches with the original signing class. Therefore if Ibby is a reach them I think a good reach.

He has lived in Arkansas so culture shock is behind him and that could lead to a faster improvement. He has 5 to play 4 so that is good for development. Let’s hope that Adebayo as a mentor and the interest from some solid schools translates to a solid Y2 player. He will learn a lot in practice with the talent that we have to toughen him up.