Ibby Ali commits to Arkansas (story)...

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Seems like a player that could end up being a good one. CMA and the staff must have seen something they like with this kid.

Now, get ready for some whining from the usual suspects.

I found this short highlight video of him the other day: https://wsckrossover.blob.core.windows. … 26e097.mp4


Would love to be wrong but I see very little impact play from this guy. Hope I am wrong and he develops into a stud. I’ll definitely be rooting for him, Just don’t see it.

Biggest thing for this year is that he has 5 fouls to use when Gafford needs a rest. Every practice will be big for him as he continues to learn the game, but there’s no better Center to go up against everyday in than Gafford and no better mentor than Sunday Adebayo. This is a big kid, he won’t get pushed around in the paint.

Ibby said he signed this afternoon. I assume Arkansas will release something tomorrow.

Still haven’t seen a reason why he 1) Left Baylor so quickly after signing, and 2) was allowed out of his LOI free and clear.

Weird deal that you just don’t see happen.

Most likely your answer here.
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I agree with you. If he only averaged 4 points as a senior against high school competition, it is not likely he will contribute much as a college freshman. I was hoping we would sign Dima Zdor. It seems we tried, but we must take the best we can get. I couldn’t find much info about Ali on the internet. I’ve seen him listed from 5’8", 220 lbs to 5’11, 255 lbs and rated as a mid-major player from NR, 2 star, 3 star, and 4 star by Richard Davenport.

Ali hasn’t played basketball very long so hopefully he has the potential to develop into a great player.

Comments: Ok, again you have developed a keen eye for real basketball skills over these many years as a ?.. for the time being why not just trust that our staff signed another needed big 6’10 (athletic with size and length) that will contribute to the program for the next 3-4 yrs, that Mike can and will coach up… This kid wants to be a hawg and help win a national championship, just accept that for the time being… go hawgs

A native of Nigeria, he began playing basketball in 2014 after arriving in Arkansas. He calls the Natural State home and wants to help Coach Mike Anderson win a championship.

Welcome aboard Mr. Ali what you bring to the basketball program will take the program even higher


Response: There are NCAA changes coming where the school/coach can’t stop a student athlete from transferring to another school period, I believe it goes into effect this season sometime. Therefore why would any coach go there, blocking a SA transfer. I imagined once this kid heard UA was looking for a big and he lives in Arkansas he asked for release to go back home. Listen I would think Mike in addition to the hundreds of others D1 coaches within the power 5 conferences are tried of the one and done’s, hence he jumped on this kid knowing he will have for 4yrs regardless of his inexperience level, his physical attributes out weights his inexperience for now, and that’s probably what the rest of the college coaches were thinking as well.

I didn’t realize you had to be an expert evaluator of basketball talent to post on a message board. I think it’s fair to question some of Mike’s choices on scholarships, particularly late additions. Dee Wagner, Brachen Hazen, and Lorenzo Jenkins were all wasted scholarships that mike gave late. I don’t think I have to be an expert to question whether this kid who averaged 4 points a game is worthy of a scholarship.

Another troll

Nothing wrong with giving an opinion. We can agree to disagree.

I agree, we shouldn’t waste a perfectly good scholarship on a kid that MIGHT be good and talented for 3-4 years. We should only sign McDonald’s all-American 5 stars. Shame on Mike Anderson for not ONLY signing elite talent, no matter what time of year it is. I say if he doesn’t have 5 stars and an illegal agent, I don’t want him.


It takes more than scoring to win basketball games. You have to be big/long and be able to defend. I’m willing to let a boy g kid eat up the lane on defense if he might be a slight liability in offense. Make sure you have other shooters around. And a kid that big will more than likely finish at the rim 9 times out of 10. The kid from Kansas can’t hit anything deeper then a free throw but he is a beast at the basket that denies entry.

I think Ali said he could hit out to 15 ft. Saw that said somewhere. Midrange shooters will do wonders for the team.