I wrote on the SEC takeover in Omaha


Great Article Matt… it’s amazing how tough the league is and how it prepares you for the postseason because by the time you get there you’ve already seen as good or better than what you’re going to be facing in the regionals and even the World series.


I never believed the SEC West was down this year. Mississippi State was down and it took a long time for Ole Miss to play up to its potential, which affected the perception of the division.

But Auburn and Texas A&M had really strong teams, as did Arkansas. LSU was good and Alabama showed it is going to be a strong team next year if its roster doesn’t take a hit.

There is not another schedule like the SEC West schedule.


I saw a funny tweet yesterday. It said something to the effect of:

“Arkansas, A&M, Ole Miss, & Auburn all going to the CWS. That’s a whole lot of hate going into Omaha.”

I feel that each of these 4 teams has a good chance to win it all. Each is deserving. Perhaps, Ole Miss is the most surprising, but they had a very good last two weeks; like the Hogs. Aubie beat OSU in Oregon; that’s huge. Arkansas beat perhaps the hottest team in UNC - at their place. The Ags, well, they have 22 wins against Q1 teams; second to OU - out of these 8,.

Stanford has great offensive #s; and pretty good pitching. I’m glad Texas is playing the Irish, they had been under the radar a bit; but they have the best winning percentage against Q1 teams.- after the Vols who they bested.

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