I wrote on Evan Taylor's development

This was a fun story to put together.

He has been a surprise of the year for me along with Tygart. That’s a tremendous one 2 punch to close out the game

Good stuff. Reminds me of Jay Sawatski.

Sawatski was a valuable reliever.

I wished Wiggins would go to a more 3/4 arm slot to allow him to hopefully get him to where he can throw a slider and get more movement.

I’m hoping this story prompts the control room to play George Strait the next time Taylor gets out of a jam.

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IMHO, that’s Wiggins kryptonite. His fastball is flat with no movement. Doesn’t matter if you throw 97-98 mph when it’s straight.

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Exactly… I think he would get more movement on the ball with a little bit more 3/4 arm slot. Also believe it would allow him to throw a slider which from over the top is really really hard to do and that is a pitch that is a huge difference maker.

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I don’t worry so much about him giving up hits. That won’t get him beat. Seriously, he can give up a home run. It’s the dang walks. That is his killer.

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