I wrote on Braydon Webb

Dave Van Horn made my ears perk up last week when he said Braydon Webb is as good as any center fielder he has coached.

I caught up with Webb, who was also an offensive standout for the Razorbacks in the fall.


Great article…I agree Matt,I was shocked when DVH said that but based on what I have seen,he is fearless out there and I can imagine we will see him diving for balls in CF like Fletcher and Franklin have and he can really run so hopefully he can get healthy and be the hitter he was in the fall where he hit 5,6 bombs. He has to learn to make contact K 43/92 at bats last yr and 5/9 in the scrimmages so far but he will probably be a bottom of the order hitter to start the season and play a great CF//looking forward to seeing him play…

I hope his defense is solid. DVH knows how to put a lineup
Together and how to align the defense.
Webb must be on pace. He can also steal a base.
I’m looking forward to the words play ball!

HIs defense is solid. DVH would put him in a lot last year around the 7th inning in games that he didn’t start for defensive reasons.

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His defense is solid!!

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The first half of the story is about how good he is defensively.

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A top program cannot waste the CF position solely for defense. He must be able to hit near 300 and add some power. Otherwise, it’s just bad karma.

He crushed a home run today off of Noland about 430 ft.

That’s my other concern, Noland sometimes throws BP.

There was a guy giving the updates and Noland threw five innings today and was really pretty Sharp give up a home runs to Lanzilli and Webb but had several strikeouts. Think he give up three runs…

The second half of the story included how good he was offensively in the fall. Just about everyone I’ve spoken to has said he was the team’s best hitter in September and October.

He crushed the fastball from Noland today and drew a walk. I think he is going to be OK at the plate — a lot better than he was last year.


That would be huge if he can perform like he did in the fall…

He strikes out a decent amount — six times in the four scrimmages I’ve seen this preseason — but he also hits for power and does a good job of taking his walks. He has been on base eight times in those four scrimmages.


I think if I remember dvh said he would more than likely put him in the lower part of the order to begin the season,which can be a good thing to have power down bottom part of the order

He had a high on base percentage last year. I expect it to get even better this year.

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