I wrote about Jackson Woodard's transformation

Woodard has a great story. He has gained 30 pounds doing home workouts over the past two months.

Sounds like the kind of kid that could be a sleeper, evidently is driven by desire

FWIU, if Wallace doesn’t make it, Woodard will get that scholarship.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. Jackson comes from a great family that knows what it means to work hard. Jackson’s dad and I know each other from Junior Deputy days (baseball). Our kids played on the same team and we coached together. I specifically recall one conversation we had that was about travel ball and specializing in one sport. He said (paraphrasing) I want my kids to have a normal experience, to have fun, and I want them to play multiple sports. I thought this was really great considering both Jack, as we called him, and John both stood out athletically on any team they played on. The both could have specialized in 1 sport early on or played a lot of travel ball.
I’ve got a lot of respect for Ernie and the hard work Jack is putting in is no surprise to me. I hope Jack has a great experience on the Hill.

Discipline and desire to excel are traits that most people do not have. This young man has it. I hope it leads to a great college experience for him.

Future Burlsworth Award Winner!

That’s ironic. I’ve gained 30 pounds with no workouts the last two months


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