I would think Sampson would love to have the job

He seems like to me he’s a competitor and wants to play the best to be challenged and that ain’t hapenning in his conference,I think he saw how close he was to beating Kent, and has to think he can get better players to play in the SEC .

I will be shocked if he doesn’t take it and if he doesn’t I think he feels we have unrealistic expectations,this will not be a quick fix no matter who it is.We are several very good players away from competing on a national level IMO…I like how his teams play, they will hit you in the mouth and get after you and put an emphasis on rebounding those 2 things alone will really help shorten the timeframe to getting back to the good ole days…

The hogs are at best 2 years away! It’s has been players not coaching. I just wonder if we will continue to see Gabe jacking up 3’s! That’s my biggest grip about the last season along with poor rebounding.