I would start Kopps

The biggest game of the yr, we need someone to go out and shut them down right away. They have been starting a guy with 4.97 ERA and has given up 12 HR including 2 last week LT that put them down 4-0, he has been absolutely hammered by several teams, if we get somebody who can go out there and shut them down the first 3-4 innings this game should be over(something tells me they won’t start him for that reason), but you just absolutely never know about this offense,it is truly a feast or famine. I would give Kopps a 100 pitches ( probably around 7th inn) and then bring in whoever I thought close it out if the game is still in question.

I just don’t want to run the risk of putting anybody else out there and letting them get 3-4 runs and getting all the momentum, I know we have come back numerous times but as we saw yesterday we don’t always have enough to come back, especially with them having another good LH out there waiting on us.

Nope, unless you plan on only having him go 4-5 innings. I’d rather start Wiggins, or someone else, and hopefully bridge it to the 5th inning. Wiggins for 3, Wick the 4th, and Kopps to finish.

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We’ve been finishing strong all year. Save Kopps until needed.

I plan on him going as far as 100 pitches takes him! I don’t want to run the risk of Wiggins going out and BB 2-3 and then they hit a bomb off him and then we are in trouble BC they have another LH waiting to throw 3-4 inn on us.I want to get control of the game early and not let them have a chance to get any Momentum. We will see what DVH does.

Why after going 50-12, winning the SEC regular season and tournament titles and winning the regional, being ranked No. 1 almost all season would you panic and do something different?

That being said, I would not be stunned if he did start him, just surprised.


Because panic is what we do on this board.


I wouldn’t call it Panicking at all,I call it it given us the best chance at success,I don’t think they would get more than 1 run off him in 6-7 innings and by then we should be in control of the game,trying to avoid any unneccessary drama,if I’m going down they are going to have to do it scoring off the best pitcher in nation,not going to run the risk of getting behind and them bringing in that LH that didn’t throw yesterday. we saw yesterday we don’t always have enough to overcome a bad inn…just trying to "nip it in the bud as ole Barney would say"no drama,

No drama? Let’s say your scenario plays out, Kopps goes 5 or 6 and leaves with a 2-0 or 3-1 lead, and you’re asking a very shaky bullpen to hold the lead for the final three or four innings? That’s a lot more drama than I want.

Best scenario is what we did to OM in 19 and the Poultry in 18 in the same situation. Score a lot of runs and remove the drama that way.

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I just think you go with the way you have been doing things, not go off-script.

But I’m guessing DVH didn’t call me or you asking for advice and he knows what buttons to push.

I repeat myself, however, “that’s why they play the games.” If you could win with wisdom, you would not need players.

I know my phone didn’t ring for sure,just my 2 cents worth. we will see how it goes,if our Bats do what they should do it ,probably won’t matter who starts. but as we saw yesterday,they don’t always do what we think they should.

Understand and that’s part of what this board is for - discussion before, during and after games.

IMHO, I would just not change things because I would view it as a panic move and what if he can’t go nine and Arkansas doesn’t hit.

Yo umight have to cover the innings anyway.

I would love to score 5-6 right away and if we do,we should be fine but I just don’t like to run the risk of them them getting early MO and bringing in the LH’s but we will see what DVH does.We will probably start Wiggins and hope for the best and if he’s on he will be great and all will be fine.

I understand and to be honest I will be shocked if he starts Kevin.Just hope the offnse shows up and hits the way they can and should

I think Zeb is also an option as the starter, but we will see. I’m refreshing the baseball Twitter feed periodically since that seems to be how they announce pitching plans.

Hey now if Zeb is on point you’re absolutely right,he could be huge!,but big game for a guy who hasn’t thrown in a while especially with their sticks,as we saw,hanging pitches leave the yard quick.Bats need ti crank up early and often and this will all be a mute point

I was told last night in the press box that both coaches know who they are starting, but are doing the whole ‘I won’t show you mine until you show me yours’ thing.

I think they have to have the line ups in 60 to 90 minutes ahead of first pitch.

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Wouldn’t surprise me, although I don’t think either coach will change his lineup based on who the other guy is throwing.

Not that I would ever doubt Kopps as a starter. But we’ve seen it happen before, using a pitcher in very different role and it not work well. But we have seen it work effectively also.
I say have Kopps ready from the jump, we know he can go 6-7-8 innings if required. If he’s needed by the 2nd or 3rd inning so be it. Bring him on.
Just something about him coming out of the dugout to the mound that seems to deflate opponents aura and inflate ours. This team just perks up, almost like they don’t want to let Kevin down more than DVH.

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I agree do not start Kopps and please dont start Wiggins. Lets face it he throws 96 MPH straight down the pipe or wild…So they either hang back and tee off on fastball or wait for a walk. I would try Connor Noland, at least he has been in this environment. I know Wick pitched 100 pitches, could he go 2 inning? I honestly think Tole is better then Wiggins at this point.

I am all in , love the team hoping they way

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