I would make Bob Stoops tell me no

I would offer him enough money to really get his attention in hopes of bringing him out of retirement.he would be able to bring in a tremendous staff and be able to recruit at the level we’re going to need to recruit at… wishful thinking I’m sure but I would certainly make him tell me no

He probably already has

Said no

May have, guess we will see.

I agree. He’s the only “older, more experienced” name I’ve seen that gets me excited.

Same thing with Urban Meyer - and ask him if he’s afraid to be in the same division with Ole Nick…

I get really excited about Kate Upton…hey, I got as good a chance!

Stoops might think about it & is the best candidate out there (as long as the fans forget about the Mixon ordeal & we don’t have similar issue).
Meyer would turn his nose up & if his past health issues are fact then no way he could survive this.

Stoops would likely be a grand slam. Can you imagine what he could do here in three to five years. Okies would
get sick daily thinking about it and they may well lose their
present coach to the NFL soon.