I would like to know who the coach was

That Morris references a couple of times when he essentially said either buy in or don’t show up tomorrow.

At first I thought it was a throwaway line but the more I watched it the more I think it was aimed at a coach or coaches.

I think it was a throwaway line, but we’ll see after next week’s game.

If there’s a coach that stupid involved in poor behavior they will be unemployed.

Keeping the same staff year to year is much more the exception than the norm. Good programs see guys rise up to coordinator and HC jobs, bad teams make changes to try to get better.

The interesting part will be who goes, how many, and whether they wait until after at least one of the signing periods to announce changes.

On the other hand, the line about the coaches and trainers may be a case of the law of gravity being in place in the Arkansas football program-the feces rolls downhill. So that remark puts the players on notice that their meetings/practice with position coaches the next few days will be unpleasant, as you would hope and expect.

Unfortunately Morris has limited himself by not making more changes after the Vandy game given redshirt rule. Six days is all he has for a change to take place which is not much. He knows what he will get this last week and if I was in his shoes, I would be very skeptical on any 6 day wonders at this point. Not sure a coach could change in six days either. Will see soon how angry he is and how much coach speak was spoken.

I’d be really surprised if any of his SMU/Clemson people go anywhere or are let go. I don’t see Coach Lunney being let go.
Who does that leave? Chavis, and other defensive assistants…be interesting, headed for 2-10, usually you would see staff changes.

I hope we don’t change staff this year. Need some continuity for change.

Agree - let’s see how they perform after culling the attitude problems, culling the FCS talent, and a much larger % of this roster is comprised of players they recruited.