I would like to have Odom on the sideline

should be his comfort zone and maybe he could have given Sam an early head’s up to get a to when he wanted to kick the FG but got the delay. That to would be the coach perogative and Im not sure that is in Sam’s head just yet. Odom seems pretty inspirational, Briles more analytic and therefore better off up stairs and looking down to get calls in. How were coaches deployed Saturday, who was on field and who was in box.

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Briles has never coached upstairs going back to his 2015 Debut as a Offensive Coordinator. Not saying he couldn’t but he is always standing next to the Quarterback at every break/timeout coaching.

I cant recall if Odom was a sideline DC at Memphis or Missouri. You make some excellent points though Rayzabackerii.

Follow up for insider type or observational types, who had sideline gigs as a coach and who had pressbox gigs. I get that Briles and scheme are simple and different, but analytics have to help and this is not like anywhere that Briles has been before. Odom on the ground seems like his destiny to me.

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