I would like our transfers to speak about the differences in practice

I would love to hear all our transfers be questioned about how is practice different from where they came from especially Alabama and Georgia… how is our strength and conditioning staff different as well


I’m not sure I want them to give away any details that our competition could use.

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I bet the players talk amongst themselves about such things

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Of course they do , even before they decide to come to the Hill. They all reach out to coaches, players, or anyone they know before they even formally make a decision. We all would. Plus watching film already tells you if they are coached well and can execute well. There are no secrets in SEC.

This is not meant as being critical of your comment but same applies to other sports too. These guys have options and you have to be honest with them.

Interesting thought. I would think they would prefer to live in the present. What are they going to say? Coaches better here than Georgia, Alabama, LSU? It would do them no benefit. If they say their new coaches are anything but awesome, what is their risk?

I would just like to know what the differences are… not saying one is better than the other would just like their perspective on things… but you never hear that ask so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be.

“Special” over the counter herb tablets they are not taking anymore…

I’m pretty sure I won’t ask it. I won’t ever be in those press conferences again.

I say again if you ask it in a press conference there is probably slim chance the player feels comfortable talking about that. I sure would not.

How about this to a recent divorced man, tell me difference between first wife and second? Which is better in kitchen? Who folds clothes the best? Which perfume do you prefer?

I’ll stop there.


Yeah I get it.
What we are doing is getting results but still the curiosity in me would like to know if we are doing things very similarly or we are doing things totally different.
I totally understand that the better players you have the better what you’re doing is going to look like the right thing to do. I was always the type to try to see if I could find different ways to push my players to make them even better. I would almost guarantee our players and maybe even our coaches have asked them about it.

There is someone on the board who you have a disagreement with that could probably get that answer for you, youda

I’m trying to think who you’re talking about but I can’t recall anybody off the top of my head that would know that

Just sent a pm

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I got it …thank you

I don’t think they have to ask the players, but they do. You are talking about the media asking. The coaches do ask and in many cases don’t need to ask. I think they have been to Georgia in recent years as coaches and strength coaches. They know what each other are doing. I’m sure they talk to the players about all of this. You are just not going to get players talking about it to the media. Georgia coaches came from Alabama. They copied Alabama. In fact, they hired their strength coach, Cochran.

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Pittman does a very good job of controlling what his players say in public as do nearly all coaches these days. There is alot that stays within the program as you would expect but when kids are recruited, transfer, and other reasons, they talk and many have relationships at other schools with past team mates, traveling teams, country wide events and so forth. You can read same in today’s story about Black choosing Arkansas where Mom says they talked to nearly all of the Arkansas players who had played for Muss. Big decision and a life changing one, so good ones do their due diligence .

We have lot’s media covering the Hawgs and social media is everywhere and all the time today but we never really know as much as we think we do. True for about everything in our lives these days.

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Most, just not Steve Sarkisian.


There are not as many interviews these days anywhere. And that’s at any school. But I bet there will be fewer interviews at Texas until they start winning. I’m so sad about their troubles.


I’m so sad too…… :rofl: :rofl:

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