I would keep an eye out

for this one. Things appear to be heating up with Arkansas.


wow LH,don’t see many of them.

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Love the name!


Nice zip on the ball & nice touch when needed also.

Depends on the competition he is playing. Easy for a D1 prospect to look great against average or below average competition.

A QB that can hit the slant. Get him on campus.

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So does this mean hogs are passing on walker white and kel busby?

How do the hogs stand with Kane archer?

Hearing walker likes ole miss provided kiffin stays.

Really quick release on that short TD pass. Certainly a good looking prospect. Last year, as a soph, he led Langston Hughes to a state runner-up finish. Good competition also, as they are a 6A school.

I’m not saying anything but to say keep an eye on Air. Not saying he’s coming but I could see some movement with him and Arkansas. We’ll see.

Arkansas is still in contact with Walker. Ole Miss is coming hard for him.

Haven’t checked on Kane lately. I think Arkansas is the team to beat just based off the little I know.

And hit him in stride. That’s worth lotsa yardage.

Can’t count the number of times Bama has had great success from just this. Crossing patterns making important yards in the middle of the field. The OC has to have confidence in the QB to consistently call these plays.

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