I would be very concerned if I were Tenn

I would expect Heupel to go to OKL very soon if offered ,perfect fit for them from being an Alumni to style of play.

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My Vol friends are currently in denial. I agree he’s a good fit. We’ll see.

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Heupel got fired as OC at OU in 2014 after Clemson slapped them around in a bowl game and it was not a pleasant parting. Bridges were burned beyond repair from what I hear.

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Stoops and Heupel no longer speak. If you are persona non grata to Stoops you’re not getting the OU job.


Yes saw some guy on YouTube ranking all the potential replacements and he mentioned him getting fired from the OC job so that may kick him out… that guy seem to think Bob stoops would be the number one pick… He’s coaching their bowl game…We will see

I’d be more concerned if I was a Kentucky fan.


Yeah Stoops would be a good hire as well

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Mark Stoops brings someone in that knows the SEC forward and backward. With the right assistant coaches, he could be formidable at OU.

OU going for bigger fish splash than Heupel.

It won’t be mark stoops or Josh heupel as long as Bob stoops is around.

They will either get a name or coax Brent venables back.

A true wildcard here is the pirate himself. Having now been in the sec for a couple of years plus knowing Oklahoma from big 12 days, they could be pretty smart and snag Mike leach

My OU friend says this is not going to happen. apparently, when Heupel was replaced as OC at OU by Lincoln Riley, it was ugly. his opinion is that, as long as Stoops is part of OU, Heupel will not be.

I’m not saying you’re wrong at all, just repeating a die-hard OU fan’s opinion.

I could care less, as long as OU loses every game it plays for the rest of my life-except the Gaggie games. those can be ties or forfits.



Yeah I have heard that there was not a very good split between the two so that may diminish his chances. I was just looking at it from an easy transition because he played there and he runs the same uptempo type offense and he is proven he can coach very well at the D1 level…

I’m like you I don’t really care who they hire .I was just looking at it from and easy transition that would probably allow them to keep recruits and Gain others… we will see, should be going down pretty soon. I have heard Venables is supposedly their main Target now but you never really know who to believe.

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Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman says the three main names seem to be Shane Beamer, Venables and Matt Rhule. We shall see.

I wonder if Cowboys’ OC Kellen Moore could be in play.

Have no idea why Shane Beamer is included in their search but whatever floats their boat

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Beamer was on the staff at OU, is very well respected as a coach and recruiter in Norman and I am told his personality reminds the Sooners of Barry Switzer.

They have more insight into his strengths and weaknesses and thus a more accurate evaluation. I wouldn’t have figured him to be in their top ten. They may value him much higher than bigger names.

Ok didn’t know he had Oklahoma ties that explains it

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