I would be somewhat surprised

if Arkansas tried to add another HS LB. You have three very good HS LBs now.

I’ll never say never especially with a new DC though.

Pittman mentioned the other day about wanting a transfer LB which isn’t a surprise.

Yeah but what about two twin Athletes? They are pretty athletic

I would still be surprised but like I said with a new DC I wouldn’t rule it out.

Look more like strong safeties/nickels to me

Even then I would think they would go for a portal guys. Again, can’t say for sure.

Well I’ll be surprised if we found a couple good DTs, cause we haven’t found those in a million years…. Richard would you not agree, we are in no position to ever turndown any quality defensive recruit , transfer, parolees, whatever…. We need help!

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Especially after Johnson flipping. Yeah I could see a HS DT along with one or two portal DTs.

Spence and Sanford are absolute studs that are coming in… Big Time play making ability

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Justin Benton maybe ?

No. Arkansas backed off of him.

Well like I said last week , hold on tight for the next 39 hours…. And let’s see who signs with the hogs… and go from there ….

Justin signed with Houston.

Richard you hearing anything on transfer OLs?

Hearing positive things but no names yet.


Oh one more thing … y’all have a merry Christmas….

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