I would be nice

to know what coaches have contacted us with interest.

That would be a fun list to see.

As a program about 13th in all time NCAA appearances despite taking last two decades off, and having hired mid majors etc in that time, and having tradition and still top ten attendance, we likely have been contacted by legions of mid majors, majors, minors and all in between, all who will deny.

Many believe in History and potential of our program even if we forget.

Supposedly Eric Musselman has been in contact with Yurachek. I’m sure Sampson and Yurachek have been talking a lot. I don’t know of any others.

Just for fun. Here’s my Top 5:

  1. Chris Beard
  2. Eric Musselman
  3. Buzz Peterson
  4. Matt Painter
  5. Kelvin Sampson

Obviously, if I had my way, Mark Few would be the next head men’s basketball coach at UA