I wonder...

The real Heisman winner this past year was the QB that beat Bama in the NCG.
Don’t even need to mention his name do I.

More appropriate name would have been “The Eating Manginos”. :slight_smile:

:lol: Ain’t that the truth?! :!:

Last year was a case of numbers winning the Heisman. No doubt, the Clemson quarterback should have won. And, he would have won, had the vote been after the playoffs. That’s the bad thing about when it’s picked. The most important games have not been played.

As I voter, I disagree.

Dodo bird comes to mind.

I will venture to say that nobody on this board watched as many games of Deshaun Watson and Clemson the past two years as I have. Perks of living in SC and married to a Clemson grad I suppose.

DW4 threw 17 interceptions this year and he had his worst QBR while at Clemson. There was no way he was deserving of the Heisman this past year.

He should have won two years ago. What he did once Mike Williams went down on the first possession of the first game of the season was remarkable.