I wonder...

When we will have another Heisman candidate? It seems that a player of that caliber is absolutely necessary to make it into the College football playoffs, or to a really solid bowl in general. It’s been some time since we’ve had a serious heisman candidate… Dmac. I wonder if there is a player on this team that has that talent potential. I love RW3 but don’t think he is that level of player, Whaley is extremely talented but splitting carries with another solid rb won’t allow it. AA has shown to be great at times and also not so great at times, and the trophy isn’t to friendly to pocket passers. So what about Brandon Martin? Probably the most god given ability blessed offensive player we have (just from the looks) . Is he capable of putting together a impactful season? Largely depends on his ability to adapt from juco to SEC, but talent wise I think he is. Would love to see him tear up the SEC. Hopefully with solid qb play, a steady run game, and praying for a better Oline this season he can make some noise. Guess we will see, but I catch myself wondering if and when we will have another Heisman level player.

I think if we were to surprise and excel beyond prognosticator predictions, Austin Allen would at least be in the discussion because he would be having a stellar year.

The Heisman has almost always been a quarterback/running back award, and probably is now more than ever. It has been 20 years since a player at another position has won it. Increasingly it’s becoming an award for the best dual-threat quarterback.

I don’t think Arkansas has a player at either position dynamic enough to win it, especially with the running backs splitting carries.

Yeah, that was my thinking as well.

Started thinking about the last time a WR won and couldn’t remember, although some have been serious candidates/finalists since then.

I also look at the recent college football playoff teams and see how important a mobile qb is. I figure that Connor Noland although not DT listed, will be a good enough althlete to make plays with his feet, as well as Hyatt. AA and Kelley are more of a true pocket passer to me, not able to make as much happen with their feet. Really hated those design qb keeps they ran with AA (besides the one time against TCU) . Hopefully those plays go out of the book.

The last receiver to win was Desmond Howard in 1991. The only non-receiver to win since then was Charles Woodson.

Matt is correct, but there has been another qualifier. It’s also been an award for the best RB/QB on best team. Of course, there are exceptions, but good players on good teams get the best look. It also has been a stat award. I try to find a defensive player to out on my 3-man ballot as a scream that what is going on is not right.

If the Hogs exceed all expectations, it will probably be because of Austin Allen. But, recent history indicates a QB needs to have wheels and put up some rushing numbers. That probably ain’t gonna happen.

I’d settle for an SEC Championship before a Heisman winner.

I’ve grown tired of the Heisman. The “Heisman Watch” starts prior to the season and has the frontrunner (winner) selected way too soon. I get tired of hearing about it. That, and the word “trickeration,” which is not a word that every color commentator loves to use for a play that involves “TRICKERY!”

Heisman now has as little accuracy and relevance as a Nobel Peace Prize.

I didn’t even watch last year. I don’t care anymore.

I’m also in the same boat as this. I think that it’s a distraction for the team and player involved.

But, my initial point is that it seems it’s almost necessary to have that caliber of player to make a push for the college football playoffs/ major bowl games.

That along with the apparent importance of a DT qb.

WOuld love to see Arkansas make a national championship push atleast once in my life, and I wonder if it will have to come to be behind a player like that. Seems almost absolutely necessary these days.

Agree with your point. Yes, it will take some special players, whether or not they are even considered for the Heisman, which often seems to be picked early from the media darlings.

That bothers me, too. I didn’t like how Lamar Jackson essentially won the trophy with the Florida State game in the second week. I didn’t vote him No. 1 because I didn’t think he played well enough down the stretch. To me, he did not look like a Heisman winner the final few weeks.

We’ll have another Heisman candidate when Arkansas produces a singular talent at QB or RB, and we manage to keep him away from Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn and other poachers. (See: Darren McFadden). I would be very surprised if Arkansas’ first Heisman winner, when and if we have one, is not a product of Arkansas high schools

Amen & amen again. Both the Heisman “watch” & “trickeration” are annoying as hell. I could put up with the Heisman hype if they started it somewhere in October or later, but it’s absurd what they do with it. “Trickeration” stopped being cute after about the 2nd time I heard it several years ago. Now it just sounds stupid.

The other one that drives me up the wall is when announcers call a team the “Fighting <coach name>” as in The Fighting Manginos.

Yeah, where did that come from?

Just trying to be too cute. They think by making statements like that they will stand out, kind of like Chris Berman did with his nicknames or Dick Vitale with his, well, whatever it is Dick Vitale has. Announcers try to stand out like some basketball officials, who are better never seen. Just call the game, be fair, and everybody will be happy.

I was finished with it when DMac lost it to a lesser player (Troy Smith) because he was an underclassmen on a lesser team and then lost it the following year to a lesser player (Tebow) who was an underclassmen on a lesser team.

It’s a moving target and it is usually won on hype, demographics and location.

Same for me, Notorious, and the bad miss on Peyton Manning.