I wonder what J. Nance told K. Bryant?

On that fateful weekend when they both visited Mizzou. While I never thought we had a smowball’s chance of getting Bryant, I suspect that his conversations with Nance did not help our chances.

I doubt that had anything to do with his decision.

It appears it was a football decision.

a long term football decision.

Would like to think that KB is above that maturity wise.
I guess Nance can really talk trash with the other AR guys there though.

It is not possible that I could care less what Nance and Ramsey
have to say about anything. Last weeks dung pile is about equal.

Mike Woods, last night, tweets, “I’m switching to defense for the Missouri game”, in response to Nance’s commitment post

I like that attitude & coming from a freshman who played pretty dang good this year. Hopefully more of the guys here stand up for the team, coaches & themselves.

I could care less what Nance has to say to anyone! I would imagine Kelly Bryant trust Coach Morris a lot more than he does Nance. What mattered was the performance on the field at Miss St and Missouri. That sold Kelly Bryant to take his game elsewhere. The comments of a player that doesn’t fit in Coach Morris’s offense sure won’t hold a grain of salt to the QB that runs the spread like an open book!

Speaking of Nance who couldn’t crack the line up in CCM’s system.
Will Mizzu run a spread offense tailored to KB’s skill set or just let him improvise in their current system.

Derek Dooley is the OC at Mizzou. He has extensive NFL experience as receivers coach with the Cowboys. I’m sure that was part of the sell. That, along with how abysmal Arkansas football is and will be next year, too. Bryant doesn’t need to get killed every week behind this absurd OL. I said a few weeks ago I’d question Bryant’s intelligence if he came to Arkansas due to the OL. I think he made pretty good choice not coming to Arkansas. Not sure about Mizzou, however.

And, BTW, I got no use for Nance. He won’t do anything at Mizzou. He is what he is. Ineffective.

If Derek Dooley played any role in him go in there then he’s crazy.

There’s a reason why Derek Dooly is no longer a coach for the Cowboys or no longer the head coach at Tennessee or… You get the message

Yea I don’t blame KB.
I thought Nance would be one of our go to receivers after his performance last year. Something went afoul somewhere though.
Regardless I guess his real attitude starting to show now, good riddance.

Dooley is probably ok. He got swept up in the Dez purge. He coached in Dallas for several years. And, BTW, Dooley’s son was one of the leading receivers for John Stephen Jones and Highland Park in the 2016 state Championship run. Small world. Dooley gets a bad rap from Tennessee fans and blowhard Finebaum. But he’s probably ok. His offense hung a bunch of points on Arkansas in the final game. I bet Drew Lock speaks highly of him.

Vs Auburn w no OC and the Gus situation…I can see why he chose Missouri who has a lot of folks back on offense. We’ll find out pretty quick…they open w Wyoming but in Laramie, no gimme, Bohl is a good coach. Then the next week they get W. Virginia in Colombia and two weeks later S. Carolina also in Colombia. If they win all four they would have a decent chance of being undefeated going into the Georgia game Nov9 in Athens.


Evidently he will have to sit out a year and play in 2020. Most of his friends won’t be here anyway. Good riddence.

Nance showed his true colors last year. If you watched close he quit on plays more than once. The one that really stood out was an interception near him. Nance just stood there and watched the DB run by him without even trying to tackle him. He was right there and didn’t attempt to make a play. The DB was tackled about 10 yards down the field. Thankfully.

It was against the Aggies (I think). And it was right in front of our bench. I was livid. He was back in the next possession. His lack of effort should have resulted in benching the remainder of that game at the very least. That was very telling on his commitment to our team.

I noticed the interception return against Texas A&M. Bad look for Nance. He didn’t block much either. I suspect his transfer will help jump start the rivalry. It really has not had any pizazz. I think it might now. Byers, Powell, Crockett and Bannister give it some juice on that end, too.

It may not have the pizazz of a good rivalry yet, but I sure want to beat the brakes off of Mizzu soon with all the hoopla with KB & the other guys on that team.

Let’s just face the facts, other teams had so much more to offer than we did and that’s straight talk with no wiggle room.WPS