I wonder if the OLine coach

that went to LSwho (Davis?) would like a redo? He will be hunting a new gig at the end of the year if not sooner. Sooner if he is smart. I understand the reasoning behind his decision but that doesn’t mean it was the right one…

Maybe he thought the grass was greener in Baton Rouge. You may be right he could very well be looking for a job at season’s end! If that happens I doubt Coach Pittman would take him back.

Didn’t he want to go back home to be around family? Maybe aging or ailing parents? If so, that probably trumps everything right now and might even cause him to sit out a year and stay around until he finds his next job.

It’s hard for me to criticize people who make tough job choices because of family. But I may not be remembering his circumstances correctly.


MDW. You remember like I remember it

Amen brotha!!!

His line did fine against the Gators today. Biggest rushing game by one back. Lack of rush has hurt the Tigers this year.

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