I wonder if Sam knows

How many of us would donate to pay his fines for saying how he really feels about getting hosed twice in one season? All I can say is he is a better man than me. It’s bad enough to be undermanned, but to have 2 games literally stolen from us…like HY said, those kids deserve better. They are playing their guts out, and it’s just not fair that Sam will get fined if he says anything other than, “thank you, sir, may I have another.” It is outright disgusting, and I can’t wait for the day that karma turns back in our direction, and we start administering beatings again. In the meantime, I’m willing to contribute on the day Sam says enough is enough and goes ape on the SEC and these blatant screwings we continue to receive. Go Hogs!

He is saying plenty in the right channels. I don’t understand some of this. He DOES get to blast the referees but on a different channel than we are on.


Little more to it In the big scheme of things if a Coach starts calling out incompetent refs/officials in press conferences very often. Even if its obviously 100% on the money. Get away with it once, maybe twice and fines paid. But then the SEC PTB’s will be forcing their hand on Hunter and the UofA.
About all a Coach can do is ride the refs hard and voice his opinions during the games when it’s happening live and behind the scenes later.

I just want Sam to know that we are all behind him, regardless what he decides to say out of frustration. We are on this ride with him, and we all love our Hogs. I get what he can not say, but mercy, the sun can’t shine on the same dog’s ass everyday.

Clay, I just want to know if you think it is out of line for paying members of this board to root for Sam sticking up for his team, whether thru the proper channels or not? We have all been subject to the suck that has been Arkansas football for the past few years. Now, through good coaching, we have a team that plays hard for their coach and each other. They should be 5-3. Why is it not OK for us to call out the SEC for continually treating us like a stepchild? The players deserve better, but so do us fans.

Why would be so hard to believe that a coach who the players respect and has been around top football programs as long as Sam has, does not know how or is unwilling to go to bat for his players? The effect he is seeking would be on his team and on the officials, with little or no concern how it plays for the fan and I am fine with this.

Not sure what being a paying member has to do with this topic, with the exception it was posted on the members board. A good suggestion is a good suggestion and an off-base thought is still off base regardless of membership.

Pittman is doing what good coaches do - focus the team on “next.” We saw with the “Club Dub” or whatever the heck it was, September 2019, that the players were still yacking about Wednesday the next week. I knew we would get smoked. Little did I know, we would be smoked the rest of 2019.

Sam gets to do this behind the scenes, or let his AD do it. At one point in the past, maybe not now (I don’t know for sure), coaches could submit plays for review to the SEC office. This was used in the past to have interpretation of rules on blocking (back when Auburn would blow up a DL’s knee with a combo block that was legal because the ball was thrown behind the line of scrimmage). For example. There is always as back channel.

You are better off waiting for Arkansas to have a better team. Short of that, what you want Sam to do
won’t get anyone anywhere. Sam getting in front of cameras looking like an unhinged fool is counterproductive. He knows how to act. That’s why he’s an SEC head coach and paid millions of dollars. As they say, a life well lived is the best revenge. Recruit, get better, win more games.

I can’t argue with that logic, but you have to know that deep down inside, Ol’ Sam sure wanted to go off like an “unhinged fool.”

Sam is great and all class. If this involved him saying what he ought to be able to say in his usual classy way, I’d be glad to pay. But if this involved his acting like a classless jerk, which is the opposite of what he is, I would not pay a cent.

I trust Sam to pick his spots and I like it that fans support him. They really need the money to go into UA coffers - if you want to send $25,000 - than to pay his fines. But I don’t tell anyone how to spend their money.

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