I wonder if Nolan will chime in on the KY game?

After Dicky V over-reacted big time and trashed us.

Doubt it. Nolan will let Mike stick up for his own players. And Mike needs to do that. Pretty good job of that today. I liked it. Now, Mike needs to start beating some really good teams. Carolina comes to mind (after we beat Seton Hall).

I don’t think Nolan will ! The only way he might would be after he had talked to Mike Anderson. Nolan is loyal and speaks the truth! I was busy in the Army and failed to see the truth back in those days just how sorry the media bashed Nolan and the Arkansas Razorbacks. It is no different than the way Vitale bashed us yesterday!
Vitale called in the PB show today and said he called Mike Anderson and they talked but he also feels that he owes no one an apology! I see it different from his bias opinion by his comments throughout the game prior to the plays in question.
MA won’t let anyone run over his players!

Mike doesn’t need Nolan to carry his water.

I’m watching Nolan on the SEC network. It’s the 40 Minutes of Hell segment. In that, Dickie V is railing against Nolan for speaking out against his supervisors, etc. It’s clear Vitale is anti-Nolan.

I hope CMA can bring us all the way back. He’s a good dude!

Nolan will talk to Mike about it, and in many ways he already has advised Mike on this very matter, as he discussed on Bo’s show. He talked about how Mike will have to acheive twice as much as the guys in front of him to ever get media recognition at arkansas. Nolan won championships and never won a SEC coach of the year etc. I am glad that the past of misunderstandings and bad feelings between coach and fanbase is behind us, and it is now even more clear that we can appreciate that Nolan has a point about Arkansas the state, the coaches and players not getting respect or fair treatment. i appreciate mike for taking the high road and being a respectful role model and politically correct etc. after what everyone went through following the bitter ending to the Nolan era, but I think it is now appropriate for him to now show a little chip on his shoulder for the treatment our team receives. it’s bigger than one person, and mike carrys the banner for our whole state in the basketball world. we aren’t supposed to win or get any respect to the rest of the basketball world. it’s true we don’t have the very best athletes or the refs and media on our side ever. it’s time we start playing like we are in a bear fight. and somebody better help that damn bear!

Hey Army, you said Vitale called the PB show, what is the PB show? You mean Finebaum?

No, Paul Beasley.

You sure it wasn’t Paul Kingsley? :smiley:

:o :lol:

PB is the Paul Finnbeau show

Comments: not at this point in his life, he jump all over DickV and Packer, and used their statements to win a national title…