I wonder if going to Tyrie Clevland on the first play

…was some type of “in your face” By McElwain. If so, Bwaaaaaaaa!

Also Joseph Putu didn’t play a snap and has no redshirt year. Poor kid got manipulated by his coaches up in the Dakotas, shame really.

No. He got manipulated by the Benjamins in Fla.

It would not surprise me on Tyrie and McElwain

I hope he (Tyriee) remembers this game his whole life. It will be a
sad memory.
Putu, the same. I seem to remember he was a bit of a stab in the back.
Tyriee had family/friendships that influenced him. Live with it.

A lot of talent in Florida. Even Houston Nutt could probably win a National
Championship there.

I had forgotten about our recruiting history with Cleveland (I tend to forget the out of state kids who get away). I figured they wanted to test our D right away after the Auburn disaster and see if they could get a quick 6 with the slant pattern to somebody with speed. But we covered it well and Ramirez ran the tip drill well.