I wonder how long it will take

For me to understand that the team Muss has in December won’t be the same team that finishes the season. Last year we had a swoon and Muss got us on track. This year, we have another one, and Muss got us on track. Both times, I freaked out over the losing streak, and both times I look like Chicken Little.

It’s something else, seeing how these two teams come together at the end of the year in such different ways.

I sure hope Muss sticks around.


It didn’t look good after that Hofstra loss! Muss can coach. For a player to get playing time defense is a must not an option. That’s the key to this seasons turn around.



I understand. This team is good. Really good.

I think some players finally bought into what Muss was selling, coaching, LOL

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What he was selling was team defense and once they started playing team defense the run began!
The suprise of this season has been the ups and downs of Devo! I fully expected Devo to be a team leader.

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Devo was just plain bad today. The guy has so much talent. Just do not understand it. I really like him, but he has not learned to take care of the basketball. At times, his defense has kept him on the floor, but not today.

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Personally, I hope he has a season where they get it together from go. I can’t sit through another Hofstra.

Buy in to effort and attitude turned this around. And a short bench.

Hope the next bunch sees that and perform accordingly. It will save them some pain.

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He also went to one guard instead of two per his words.

It’s simple. He’s going to play the best defenders. Lykes has improved his defense and can help now because he can score.

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Lykes has also cleaned up his turnovers a bit. Devo has not.

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Lykes has his moments. Lykes was good yesterday and made a positive impact. Devo needs to be able to do the same. If either one of them are in a funk and having a TO problem they will sit pretty quick. At Tennessee Muss played KK and Robinson neither one of them earned more playing time. I expect that ship has sailed.

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Great pressure bothers Devo. That high dribble gets him in trouble. And when he picks it up there are times he just is not patient. He did not get into the flow in that first little window given to him. Then Lykes played great and another chance was not available. He has played himself out of minutes of late and that’s a problem for him now that it’s tournament time.

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I don’t think its sailed but I think KK especially is going to have to figure out if he’s good enough to be top 7-8 on this team. Muss is going to play the best. Either you figure out how to be, accept that you aren’t, or go where you can play regardless how good you are.

you don’t have to worry about freaking out brother because at the time you were freaking out this was not a good basketball team, it’s just called reality. That’s why I don’t ever have a problem looking back and regretting anything I say that is negative because at the time it was the truth.

Muss is an absolute genius coach and we are so blessed to have him. I never give up on the team because of that but being frustrated over bad play is not anything to be ashamed about.

I’m looking forward to seeing how far this team can go, nobody will play harder than we do and we have faced great competition so I’m not going to be surprised anything we do.


Yes Devo was just awful . Lykes is very valuable against teams that try to press you, he is hard to stay in front of, still needs to not try to dribble through traffic but other than that he is an absolute handful in the open court and is getting better about finding teammates and if you give him a half inch he will take the ball to the basket before you know it and I’ve yet to see him miss a layup. Devo still can help us he just has to forget about yesterday and realize that you going to have some bad days every now and then. He just needs to get his head on straight and get back to being the player we know he can be.

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I’m hoping Devo is just going through the sophomore slump. I had high expectations for him this year. Lykes’ improvement of late has been great!

Lykes will be important today


I agree, I think he can present problems for Texas A&m.

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