I wish

At times we would run 4 wideout formations to spread the field. Maybe then we can find some running game. These slow developing running plays just have gotten stuffed this year. I remember last year, first play of game, we run 5 wides out there, hit a nice pass, never went back to it. Our offensive line just can’t sustain blocks. Throw inept pass blocking in there and just doesn’t bode well for what they are trying to do. We’re going to play at least 4 more teams with talent as good as the Aggies on defense

Against Bama. First play I mentioned

That was my biggest problem with the entire plan. TAMU sold out to stop the run and we abused their DBs in the pass game, but we stubbornly ran right into the teeth of the defense that was outnumbering us on most early down plays.

We played stubborn and dumb.

And the creative play callin as in TCU went MIA

Enos was very predictable in the red zone except the first series after the fumble recovery and once inside the 5 looked like replay & rewind

Always plenty to question after a loss…especially a tough loss like this one. Initially I was screaming at the TV for them to stop running head long into 8+ men in the box (often with run blitzes)… but it seemed to keep the DL “honest” as opposed to when we got down by 21 and they just forgot about anything but rushing the passer. Could be that CBB and Enos had given some thought to this… hmmm…