I wish they could get something on Howland and Perry

but this will work too.


A lot of folks think Long is gonna have a very tough decision on Self in the very near future. Most don’t think Bill survives this deal.

I must be a very mean spirited person but I want all of them to not survive including Howland, Calipari, Self and anyone else who has cheated. Only way to stop this is to make the penalty - life out of college basketball. If Coach K or Roy Williams are guilty then throwing them under the bus seems reasonable. Wade should be gone and take Pearl with him. I know this won’t happen but how can it be less of a penalty. Slap them with a 50k fine and probation? That’s like a $5.00 speeding ticket. Make it hurt!

Most of who?

The report does not indicate whether the government or the defense or both want Wade and Perry to potentially testify. It could be significant as to their own involvement, it could be a nothingburger. Lots of people get subpoenas to attend trial and then never get called as witnesses.

But it sure is intriguing.

It won’t end up being Long’s decision if Bill Self get linked to this scandal. He could very well end up with a chardge in federal court that would make him ineligible to hold a state job! Can a felon work as a state employee? I don’t think so! Pretty good mentor for young men. The NCAA has turned a blind eye on blue bloods and they are the root cause by not enforcing the rules!
Those convinced awaiting sentencing have started singing like humming birds and giving the dirt on Nike and the Nike sponsored schools. (Kentucky and Duke)
That came out last week.

Hope they nail the cheaters to the wall. All of this crap has ruined collage basketball.

The morale compass in this country has been lost by so many people. Integrity has become only a spoken word and doesn’t reflect the actions and conduct of so many leaders. This is not just a college basketball problem it’s in every facet of our society.

Establish a standard and enforce it! That’s what the NCAA fails to do they are the cause of the state of the game. Turning a blind eye don’t make things better. Look at what they did to Ole Miss in football! What a joke!

You don’t have to leave Fayetteville to see the arbitrary and capricious nature of the NCAA. While both events were a while ago, they still were examples of getting jobbed. They totally decimated Nolan’s recruiting class shortly after the NCAA title, and what they did to Adebayo was horrible. The other instance was the Harrod investigation that was horribly slow, hanging over multiple recruiting cycles.

Yep we got hosed big time .
Thank goodness, Woody Bassett beat the NCAA at least we got Sunday A. back his Sr year

The NCAA will hammer a school that’s not a blue blood cash cow! Arkansas isn’t a cash cow!

Patience friends. Both Howland and Reggie will get what’s coming to them. Karma has them on her list as well.

I don’t have any ill will towards the kid, he’s just a pawn in the game. I truly believe Reggie wanted to play with his friends, it was the mom, Greenberg, and Howland that schemed up everything. I’ve never wanted a coach to go down so bad before. If they start a gofundme to investigate Howland let me know, I’ll be the first to contribute.

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There are legal ways to buy players. Larry Brown hired Ed Manning, the father of Danny Manning and Nolan Richardson gave a scholarship to the half brother of Todd Day. However, paying a player a large sum of money is easy to detect since money leaves a trail that is easy to follow. And, if a player suddenly has money he spends that is significantly above what he otherwise would have; that is obvious. If Perry was bought, has anyone shown the money trail?

Problem is integrity puts you in a hit seat and on the firing line. We of all the people should know this. I can see why some coaches risk it. They don’t want to sit in Mike Anderson’s seat.

All a coach has to do is resign & move on just before or during the investigation(s). The school does an internal & then the NCAA does theirs. The school itself applies self imposed penalties & NCAA reviews info / evidence then either follows the school’s penalties or adds to them. The school leans on the good faith notion, that when they suspected or knew rules were being broken they immediately parted ways with that HC & staff. By then the school gets slap on the wrist for “good faith & cooperation”, Coach is rehired at another school, everything is just as they probably planned in the beginning if they got caught.

Well done.